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Me and my boyfriend of almost 2 year broke up randomly and suddenly without warning. Hes in the military and I am at school and our relationship hasn't always been easy but we love each other so much that we made it work. He was my best friend and when he was home we would do everything together and it felt as if we were in a corny romantic movie. We met back in high school, and I hated him when I first met him. Then slowly over time I began to like him, and just before he went to basic we kissed and had a fling. He send me letters when he was in basic, and almost right away told me he was in love with me, and he wasn't the kind of guy to date other people. I was skeptical at first considering I have had many narcissist boyfriends in the past. After he got out of basic though we kinda fell through with communicating for about a month or two realizing our lives were different. I was very mentally sick and suicidal at the time and got involved with some bad people and a bad guy. I ended up calling him one night saying I wanted to kill myself and he was there the whole time. A month later he surprised me when he came home on leave and we began dating. He got me a promise ring 6 months into the relationship and I saw him April, May, August, and December of 2016.


Although long distance wasn't easy, it felt like I found my soulmate and he was perfect. We made it work, even through a break that lasted only a couple days back in May 2017. He gave in only couple days after and we were okay again. I didn't see him until last month, and it was perfect. We made love. Went on adventures. Went exploring. It was just perfect and how we usually were. He would always kiss my forehead and hand and be so loving and caring to me. We talked about me visiting in December and also about how he would possibly move in with me in about a year because he will either get out of the military in May or September.


Sunday nigh he texted me that we needed to talk. He told me we needed to break up and he felt like he had to in his heart. I said the end goal was waiting for him to get out and he said his contract might be longer and that he might go to Germany, but I didn't get much else. He told me he didn't know if I was the one and I told him he was like every other guy I've met out of emotion and I hung up. He didn't change his relationship status for the first night despite being on social media, so I changed mine. He contacted my parents the next morning for my home address so he can send back my dad his dvds and said he was sorry and still really cared about me and never wanted to hurt me but hopes one day I will realize why we wouldn't have worked out.


This is just so random and shocking to me since we have been so invested with each other and he always tells me he misses me and texts me I love you every day and several times a day. I just don't know what to think or do, since we never really had any problems with jealousy or fighting. We just seemed perfect minus the distance, which was supposed to be closed soon. I just don't know what to think, and I dont want to be naive but its just not like him to do this. Hes seemed more stressed out lately due to his job and confides in me about everything. I just don't think this break up will last long but I also dont want to fool myself. It just went from one extreme to the other. Im lost.

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It's difficult to tell what happened. But what was the argument about in May 2017? That may have some bearing on why he broke up with you.


Normally I would suggest he found someone else. You really don't have any evidence of this, but it's the usual reason.

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