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Broke up with my boyfriend, I want him back and we still live together.


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After a very heated argument, I broke up with my boyfriend of a year. I've done this a couple times before but we always get back together after a good nights sleep. This time he told me it was the final straw and that he couldn't be with someone who left him all the time. I went somewhere else to live for a few days, got some therapy and came back. I begged him to give me another chance as I still love him with all my heart. He told me to move back in and prove I could be normal for two weeks and then he would decide. I proceeded to shower him with affection and unfortunately constant questioning about his decision. Finally he told me that he is way too stressed by me and he can't do it anymore. We need to keep living together for financial reasons but he told me I need to just be a respectful roommate and not act like we are still together. He told me I could try to do relationship like things when it's just us, but not to be disappointed if he isn't down. He said he needs space and to destress. He also says he does still love me. Next week we are going to see a couples therapist, but he asked me "why should I see a therapist with you when I don't want to be with you anymore?" That hurt me a huge amount but I feel like we need to hash something's out. He is being very sullen and cold to me. It hurts me, but I still love him so much and wish I didn't break up with him. Please tell me how I can get him back

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