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Girlfriend Not In The Mood Lately?


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This past month my girlfriend just hasn't really been in the mood sexually and it's honestly not a huge deal but I'm wondering if it's normal? Typically she loves to have sex multiple times a day or it's at least on her mind. The past month we have only been having sex every 7 - 10 days when it used to be every 1 - 2 days. She tells me that she just hasn't been in the mood and she told me she's wondering why. She says she hasn't been thinking about sex at all lately and she asked me if I think anything is wrong with her. I honestly believe her, we still get along great and spend a lot of time together so I don't feel like her feelings have changed towards me. She isn't on birth control and nothing like that has changed so I'm wondering if girls typically have a periods of low libido like this. Or maybe there's more to it.

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She said she doesn't know how she feels and it really bothers her. She says she misses me so much when I'm not there but sometimes when I'm there she just wants to be by herself. She's telling me she feels like she's sabotaging her own happiness and she doesn't have a clue why she's putting up this wall. Like she's incredibly happy with me one second and not the next. She did add that we seem to always do the same thing, we hang out around 5 days a week, and she's craving a lot more out of life than being a homebody and what we are doing now isn't cutting it. So maybe the monotony is playing a big role but at the same time I think it has to be deeper than that.


This is from one of your previous posts which fits in with her lack of libido really .. It still sounds like she is unsure of this relationship


And this one was just in August ... where you call her your ex .... I think there is a whole big picture going on here ..of her messing you around and you hanging on for dear life in the hope it will get better


A part of me feels like my ex girlfriend still isn't being truthful. She broke up with me about two weeks ago after six months telling me she wasn't ready to be in a relationship because she rushed straight into it after her previous break up
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