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I double texted her... HELP ME PLEASE

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She texts back really fast but NEVER initiates conversation... I've known her for right around a week and I really like her... should I always be the one initiating all the conversations in the first week?


Another thing is that I asked her out on a lunch date on Sunday and she said yes.. if she didn't have work... she said she would check her schedule when she could and I said okay sounds good and then I didn't hear back for around 2 days... I just texted her and she texted me back almost immediately- what do I do now?



Thank you!!!!!!!

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Wait until she texts you like she said she would, it shows control and self restraint, also that your not desperate.


Wait until she reaches out to you then set a date. The phone is for setting dates not chit chat. Set the time and place and tell her you've got to get back to work/gym.

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In the beginning I don't typically initiate contact with a guy. I am old fashioned and prefer for the man to pursue and do the calling and setting dates. I see nothing wrong with always texting first, just don't be overbearing or clingy right from the get go. Also, if she is in the slight bit interested she will let you know when she is available. Bugging somebody about a plan they didn't get back to you on can be a bit much at the beginning. Until a relationship and connection is established you should always proceed with caution.

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Careful though in the world of being newly single I've spoke to a lot of girls and it seems like some love the initial attention it brings, will arrange a day to meet but then not mention it again o.o. Only happened with 2 out of 10 but it's a bit annoying some people are just like that.


Heck I've done that to some girls, so keep your options open for now

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