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Was he jealous?


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Hi guys I'm new here.

I was trying to reach out to my friends,but nothing.So I hope you'll give me advice.

There's this guy,we work together.He was working there last summer and I was working somewhere else.Now he came back from Florida but he is leaving August.I was working all the time the first few days when he came but after that I noticed him.We're friends but knowing that he is leaving for FL,i don't know.Its breaking my heart.Never felt something like this before and honestly I thought something's gonna happen because he showed that he felt something.I'm skeptic,I'm pessimist,nothing ever worked in my life but I was like okay this is that.He is the right guy for me.I can feel that.And yesterday a friend of mine came to work at my place to work there for 2 months then he's leaving,this guy is same age as mine.And when this guy( my crush ) saw me together with the other guy he didn't even said hi and all day I felt like he was nervous.Then we were outside and he asked me about some girl and said she's cute.I don't know If he was trying to make me jealous but I asked this girl and she was like " oh he told me I look like an actress but I have a boyfriend" .I went to him and I was like " she has a boyfriend. "and he smiled and said " I know." I can say the whole day he was looking at me how I'm acting and wherever I was talking to my friend I felt like he was so upset.We took a break outside and I was talking w/ my friend and my crush was right next to him,2 minutes and he left.It was like he couldn't stay and listen to our conversation.Then I was talking to other friend and he came and said " You guys make a great couple ." and I'm like " You better be joking." and he said "No,I'm serious." and he left.

What do you thing guys? I feel stupid for believing that someone can catch a feeling for me,that I can be finally with someone who cares..

Please give me and advice and how should I act? Because I was trying to ignore him and I was pretty upset the whole day but he's leaving soon..

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