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How do I get over this?


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Last night I found out my boyfriend exchanged sexual messages with his baby mamma while we started dating she still had a key to his house they hung out he swears he didn't physically cheated on me. This was when we first started dating so I am willing to continue with our relationship but those messages haunt me and I am so hurt. I trusted him 100% . I feel so stupid. I am trying to get over this but every time I think about it my heart breaks

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When you first started dating... so were you exclusive when he was doing this?


Not saying it's not a red flag to strongly consider just on the merit of him potentially still being into his child's mother, but if you were just starting to date and not in a relationship, then it wasn't cheating.


At the end of the day, if you know you can't get over it, or if he did in fact cheat, it's best to spare yourself the headache and cut your losses.

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