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Year aniversary of ex gf mums suicide..break NC?

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Hi today is a year since my ex girldfriends mum took her own life. I am really contemplating sending my ex girlfriends grandmother a text to say im thinking of them and hope everyone is keeping ok. I am in and around 100 days NC after splitting with my ex at the end of feb. I am just really unsure to send it or not. I want to send it as i am thinking of them and its the compassionate human thing to do but on the other hand im afraid of my ex replying an opening up negative emotions in me again as i know im not healed to the point were i could deal with any type of response. I think i would feel gulity after time passing not writing as u did and do still care for them.

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This is difficult. You need to protect your heart. Do what will cause you the least pain. They are going to have to deal with this loss no matter what and your text won't make that any easier. I promise you that ....


So keep them in your positive thoughts and prayers and send the message if it won't cause YOU ultimate pain.


If you can send it and not suffer negative repercussions then go ahead.


When was the last time her or her family checked on you to see how you were or to let you know they still think of you as family or that that they care for you ? ... Something to think about.


You're here and alive and alert. Do they care for you and provide emotional support for you?


I'm not saying this has to be a factor in your decision. I'm offering it as a different perspective.


Sending you wisdom and light as you contemplate this decision.

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Not to sound callous but your condolences aren't going to be what gets them through the day okay. The primary purpose is your own relief / satisfaction in knowing they know that you're thinking of them. And, really, a lot of people would prefer to get through such a day without being showered with reminders.


I don't think it's worth it for either them or you. Stay NC.

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