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Can't understand if this girl likes me or is she just playing around


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In-order to understand things, you'll have to read this short story. I'm sorry, the story is a bit long so please bear with me.

The names have been changed for privacy.


About 2 months ago i saw this cute girl sitting on a three seater bench in the lobby of my uni and i also sat on the same bench. A guy comes and starts talking to her, from their i conversation i figured out that they're 2nd semester students and they are my juniors. I also join their conversation as a helping senior . I immediately befriended that guy and his name is Nathan. Nathan and i became close friends in a short amount of time. So, when the time was right i told him that i'm interested in that girl he was talking on that day and he said that her name is Sara and he would help on this matter.


Next day, Nathan needed help on his assignment and he called me and said that he's in the computer lab and he needs help. I went in the lab and he's sitting with Sara and another girl. I go up to him and start helping. Sara asks Nathan if he's finished the assignment and he said that he called me(Kevin) here for help and Sara and her friend immediately ask if i can help them too(keep this bold part in mind). Nathan left because he had some work to do, so i was there helping Sara and her friend Rachel on their assignment. When we were done, Sara asked for .cpp file of the code that i had written. She asked for my email address to get in contact with me. I told her that "It's better if you write the code yourself, if you face any problem. You can have my number and i'll give you the .cpp file. You can have my email as well, but you should know that i get random advertisement on daily basis and i delete them in bulk, so there's a strong possibility that your email will be deleted with them as well". E-mail deletion part was actually true. As soon i said this Rachel said "Give me your number". So, Rachel took my number.


I had the solutions to the assignment because my teacher also gave us the same assignment when i was in 2nd semester.


Next day i gave them my codes because they asked me to and i told them that some codes are complex and they would not be able to understand them. It was decided that next day i will explain them the code at a given time. They didn't arrive next day at the given time. I waited for 30 minutes and i was not in a good mood about it. 10 minutes later i ran into both the girls. Sara claimed that she had something to do and now her dad is here and she's sorry for keeping me wait and can we reschedule tomorrow? To which i replied no problem but if something comes up, please inform me for i have other things to do as well. Rachel said that she will inform me if something comes up. As i was leaving, i looked back because i got a gut feeling to look back. I saw Rachel pulling Sara close to her and whisper something in her ear. A person should at least have the courtesy to say something when i'm not in sight. That moment i felt that Rachel is gonna be clock-block.


Next day i arrived at the given time but they didn't. An hour and 15 minutes passed and still no sign of the girls. I saw Rachel enter the lobby, we exchanged eye contact she did not come up to me and didn't go to her either. I left the lobby and sat outside in the courtyard and i saw Sara entering the uni, i went up to her and said that wasn't she supposed to come like an hour earlier and she said i told Rachel last night to message you that we cannot come early because we have to prepare for a test. When i told her that i received no such message, she was surprised. Sara then said I want you tutor me. I'm very sorry for what happened. Can we please start from scratch on Monday?(keep this in mind as well) To which i replied of course this time i want you to inform me and I gave Sara my number. After about 2 hours, Rachel came to me and said with a slightly hard tone "If we're facing any problem, we'll contact you", the way she said this i immediately figured out that she's never gonna contact me.


The next day, rachel said the same thing again with a smile and added that they felt bad they i was bounded because them. To which i replied no problem at all. A little while later, Nathan came and said "There's this guy Stephen, he too is interested in Sara and when he saw you he felt danger. Yesterday he told me 'tell your friend whatever his name that Sara does not want to get tutored by him, tell him to back off'", to which Nathan replied "tell him yourself" and to this day he has said nothing. Nathan told me that in class Rachel said "I do not want to get tutored by him, don't know why he's insisting". , ?!?!?! She asked me to tutor her in the first place and when they didn't show up. They didn't have the courtesy to inform me. Stephen said "There's no need to get tutored by him" and Sara said nothing. Nathan also stated that Stephen is controlling Rachel and Rachel ends up controlling Sara. So, no session on Monday. Fine by me.


Rachel and Sara are like north and south pole. Always together.


So after this i started to greet Sara with a smile whenever crossed paths and she replied and her response was good. Saying hi back warm heatedly. This carried on for like a week or two. Once she greeted.


I decided that i'll not talk to Sara in-front of Rachel because i hate that girl's guts now. One morning, Sara was in the uni with a different girl and i took he opportunity and i started talking to her. We talked for like minutes and Nathan came and broke the conversation and he started talking to me. I looked away for like 20 seconds and i see Sara and that girl get up and go away after 2 minutes Nathan left because he was late for his class. While Nathan was making his way towards us, i was signalling him not to come close, he didn't pick the signals-_- . After Nathan left, i took out my book and i start reading it. From the corner of my eye i see a group of girls entering the uni lobby and in that group were Rachel and Sara, the entire group was looking at me and they start giggling. No idea what this meant. During this entire time, i did not look up. After 30 minutes my teacher called me and said that i need to make announcements with my society members for an upcoming programming competition. We went into different classes making announcement and the last class was of Sara's. We made our announcement there and left. After their class was over, Nathan came running up to me and said "After you left the class, Sara was telling some girl, 'that guy in the white shirt(i was wearing a white t-shirt that day), i was talking about him' this is what she said. And she looked delighted, she had a smile on her face". Don't know what this means and i do not want to jump to conclusions.


After this greeting with smiles continued and as always she was glued to Rachel. One day she was in a distance and i nodded my head and she responded with nodding her head. After this i left because my class was about to start. Another friend, Adam said that after you left, she passed by several times and she kept on looking at the spot where you were sitting again and again. Once again, don't know what this means and i do not want to jump to conclusions.


This greeting with a smile thing carried on for quite a while and with time i got sick and tired of it. One day as usual she was with Rachel, i greeted her and she responded. After she responded she smiled a lil bit covered her mouth and said something to Rachel.


I was sitting in the lobby one day with Adam and I saw Sara and her gang coming into the lobby. I pretended to read my book, I did not look at her. Adam said "She was catching quick glances of you and before leaving she finally looked at you for 3-4 seconds and smiled".


Once we exchanged eye contact and she looked away and smiled.


About 2 weeks ago, I noticed that some girls of second semester have been observing me. I could actually feel them talking about me from a distance. Two girls, Annie and Leah(how i know these girls is a different story). And they are Sara's friends. They were observing me from a distance. What I couldn't understand was why now? Why not before?


The same week, I finally saw Sara alone and i went up to her and started talking. We talked for like 10-15 minutes. Her body language and way of talking was positive. She wasn't feeling uncomfortable with me sitting close her but still at a reasonable distance, i payed close attention to this. She told me that she wrote a book a while ago but it didn't get published. This happened on Thursday.


On Friday, she was with her friends and i noticed that she's looking at me A LOT, a lot more than before.


After that, passing by with smiles continued. What she started doing after that was I could tell from the corner of my eye that she's looking at me or my friend would say that she's looking at me, as soon as i look at her, she immediately looks away and would not look back. If i don't look at her, she will repeatedly look after a second or two.


I didn't approach her when she was with her friends especially when Rachel was around.


Whenever I didn't look at her it felt as if she wants me to give her attention. She would take a long way while she's walking and walk by close to me. It felt as if she wants me to look at her.


2 days ago, she was sitting with her friends quietly using her phone. Her 2 friends were busy doing their homework on their laptop. In a distance Stephen was sitting with 2 of his friends. I decided that I'll talk to her. While I was walking up to her, I saw Stephen making his way towards those 3 girls. At that moment I stopped but then I thought you myself to hell with everyone else. She was sitting on the ground, I greeted her with a smile and sat down on the ground as well at a reasonable distance. Her friend Annie saw and Stephen saw me as well, don't know if the other girl saw me or not. This is how our conversation took place

K: You told me you wrote. I forgot to ask, which language did you write it in.

S: English

K: Can I read it?

S: Yea, but I don't have it right now

K: Tomorrow then?

S: Sure, if I manage to find it. I'll give it you

K: OK.


After this her phone rang and she said that her dad is here to pick her. While leaving she said again said that if she'll find it she'll give it me. Her way of talking was good, she wasn't feeling uncomfortable. I did this in front of Stephen, Annie and the other girl. it felt good after i did this.


1 day has passed and I didn't get the book yet. Still waiting.


And she knows that I'm interested in her.


And Nathan can't help anymore. He's done what he could. Why he can't help anymore is a different topic. We are still good friends but he can't help on this matter anymore.


Nathan and Adam claim that she is interested. Nathan also told me that whenever i'm passing by and her friends say something like "Kevin is passing by". She smiles.


Now I can't understand what this girl is doing, is she interested or is she playing around. I need help and what i should do.

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School yard drama.


That was very long winded, detailed and I only fell asleep 3 times. But... forget all the drama and trying to analyse and interpret every little detail, action, movement, smile, fart etc. I know it's hard, we coding types can be be overly analytical.


Next time you are talking to her and she seems to be interested in her, ask her for a coffee. If she says 'yes', you know where you stand. Go on the date. If she says 'no', you know where you stand. Go do something more constructive with your time and energy.


And for the next girl you think is attractive, nice, or has excellent coding skills... go talk to her. If she is receptive to talking, you get along well and you think there might be a spark of interest, ask her out. Don't drag it out over days or weeks in hope she might give you a sign. If she says 'no', walk away. If she says 'yes', but doesn't turn up, walk away.

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