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My boyfriend's negativity is draining me & I'm can't do it anymore


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Being with someone who is always negative!!!

I can't stand talking to my boyfriend of a little over a year anymore. Everything that comes out of his mouth is a complaint about something insignificant, terrible things about other people, how he hates his job. It doesn't matter what he is talking about - it is always in a negative way. He's racist, rude and inconsiderate.


I can't talk to him anymore, it's so hard to have a conversation with someone who can't say anything nice. I consider myself a pretty positive and upbeat person and he really brings me down.


As his girlfriend I should be there for him when he needs to vent and get his frusterations out. But that is all he has to say ever! He can go on and on for hours without saying a positive thing. If I try to talk about something else he will always have something negative to say about it. Its depressing!!!


I have asked him why he can't say anything nice but he just blows me off. I have no intrest in even taking to him anymore. How do I break it off and explain why

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How do I break it off and explain why

Just tell him the truth. Tell him what you told us. There is no other way but the truth. His excessive negativity killed the relationship.


I feel for you. I have known a couple of people like this and it is absolutely exhausting being around them. They killed so many relationships and friendships because it's just impossible being around them. It's awful. I can only say, if you want to save your sanity, let this one go. Life is too short and you can do a lot better. I wish you well.

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If this has been going on for a year, I have to admit you've been pretty patient!


As I've gotten older & more wise (alert), I realized I cannot handle someone's constant negativity. Yes, they bring you down!


I suggest you just be honest and admit to him that you don't feel things are going so well anymore and you're pulling out of it all.

Be honest and dont string this along anymore.


I met someone almost a year ago and all they did was put everyone down in their family. From his kids to parents.. to an ex. Was unreal. But I was pulling out of it within a month.


People like this are emotionally draining- if all they do is complain and never seem happy

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I'm pretty sure this is a large part of the reason I was summarily dumped, and I can honestly say that I'm glad my ex did it. I hadn't realized how dark and depressing and negative I was at the time (my negativity was not a personality trait so much as a side effect of medication that I am no longer on, and BOY do I feel better!), and I needed a wake-up call to stop being so.


Your boyfriend seems like a natural piece of work, though, especially given the racism. Tell him what you told us and say buh-bye; you've already mentally checked out, anyhow.

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