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so my boyfriend of nearly seven months does not live in my country and he was here to visit for a few months thats how we met and started seeing each other. The thing is now he back home we do speak and video chat but i keep wondering if he is genuine. When he was here he never wanted to take pictures with his face showing if i mean to post them, this bothered me but he said he loved me and wants to marry me so i never thought much into it. He also wanted me to stop working and always wanted me by his side and if he is going anywhere i had to accompany him.i thought it was cute and he must really love me but is he really serious we have not known each other long and his mother does not like me either. I dont know if i should have my hopes up. Should i ait on him and see if he is serious.

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That's weird he doesn't want his face in any of your pictures. Is he embarrassed to be seen with you? That's the impression I'm getting and you deserve better then that. It's also not cute you having to not work so you can give his majesty his undivided attention. I'm sorry to be blunt, but dump the guy! This is nothing but toxic, not worth the distance.



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" He also wanted me to stop working and always wanted me by his side and if he is going anywhere i had to accompany him." - this is a major red flag to me, even bigger than the pictures thing. Was he kidding? I hope you really don't consider this, because if he was for real this is very toxic and might be a sign that he's a very controlling person.


Too much too soon is also a red flag.


The picture thing could be nothing or it could indicate that he's hiding something. You're in another country so you don't know how his life is in his homeland.


Did you have specific plans to be closer to each other? How old are you? How well do you know him?

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Are you sure he is single?


Either way, I would be very cautious. It's not good that he didn't want you to work and wants you to follow him around like a puppy. That's not cute; it's controlling and a sign of serious trouble ahead.


Why doesn't his mom like you? I take it you have never even met her?

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