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New marriage, PTSD, anxiety, cymbalta

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Been married for 8 months

Wife has a heavy case of PTSD from an assault

Event took place many years ago

Social anxiety

And she is trying to go cold turkey from cymbalta


I love her dearly and I am looking to see if anyone has gone through a similar situation that is heavily compounded by the cymbalta withdrawals



Anger issues including distrust


We have been fighting terribly over the last week... part of it was me not fully knowing what the medication withdrawals are as bad as they truly are!


Part of me wants to be supportive and help her (naturally) but man... she can be rough when you compound all of those things! She goes irate!


I know the cymbalta will eventually pass 1-2months but I am not sure I have the patience to endure that long! I'm trying to suck it up but it is getting way too rough!


Advise, hints or pointers will most definitely welcome!

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Sorry to hear this. What was she like when you were dating? Why is she doing this rather than getting ongoing care from her doctors and therapists? Ask her to see her doctor and find a treatment plan that works for her.

she is trying to go cold turkey from cymbalta. She goes irate!
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Thank you everyone... as you all may or may not I'm posting from my phone so it's a little tough to quote everyone... I'll try to be as thorough as possible.


What was she like when we met:

When we met she was much like she is when she is not dealing with this... awesome! I've known her for 20 years but only got involved after reconnecting after years of not seeing each other.


Her profession has a lot of physical demands so after 25+ years in the same physically draining field she was seeing a lot of foot pain, hand and arm muscle pain coupled with some nerve pain... she went to the doctor and she got prescribed cymbalta and Valium (she was previously prescribed prozac and xanax which did not go well) as time went on her blood sugar levels started getting a bit erratic, she started getting fainting spells and massive migraines so after some research she went to another dr and after some testing it was found out that her increasing list of health issues were happening because of the cymbalta


After some talks she said she wanted to get off it... but two semi-comatose spells were the icing on the cake she would faint or literally pass out for upwards of 10-24 hours so she decided to get off it ASAP

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Maybe she needs rehab if she is getting chemically dependent benzodiazepines and trying to withdraw or is abusing them ad hoc.

Valium .After some talks she said she wanted to get off it... but two semi-comatose spells were the icing on the cake she would faint or literally pass out for upwards of 10-24 hours
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The Valium is not being abused, she is taking it in a schedule to help with the cymbalta withdrawals as well as the original purpose which was anxiety.


The main problem is the irritability that comes with the withdrawal from cymbalta.


Some good news have come up today.


We talked a bit last night

We started the process for a couples counseling and I got her to agree to go and see an ACTUAL doctor to address the cymbalta withdrawal symptoms- we are both in fear that the dr. Is likely to prescribe some retarded Med like he did last time so we will research together whatever is prescribed so we can weigh out the options.


So far we haven't had any real issues today - I'm hoping that the cymbalta is getting flushed out but I also know it is too early for all that...


Wish us luck please!

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Well things have got waaaaay worse in the last few days


She has gone into full CPTSD schizophrenia mode


She fears an old acquaintance of ours is after her and wants to have her killed... this as brought out the crazy delusions of violence with her


I am about to have a freaking mental breakdown myself - I'm heartbroken and saddened by all this.


I want to help her. It she is starting to become verbally abusive and her delusions only seem to be getting worse! We have counseling tomorrow and another visit on Saturday with another counselor, my hope is that someone can show her that she needs mental/medical help like YESTERDAY!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Therapy went horribly wrong


Her anxiety got the best of her

She did nothing but insult me and act erratic then ended up storming out when the therapist told her one of our big problems was communication and the fact she had no respect at all for me.



She stormed out

Took the stairs

Fell in said stairs

And ran to the car like a little kid that was told a few truths...


That was about 2 weeks ago


Since then she went back to said therapist and lost her on her

Because rude and told her she wouldn't come back (I hope she does)


I on the other hand took to reading a book on boundaries and respect and found out a lot of my actions needed boundaries - I generally am concerned with what she wants or what she needs... never much concern to my wants or desires so from what I read that is a huge Nono


It will be hard but I need to work on that as well... even if this relationship/marriage goes worse, I need to be able to deal with these issues.

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