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Boyfriend lying and avoiding me?


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You don't need to tell him anything but, "I know everything. Consider yourself deleted." Then you block him on everything and if he tries to reach you, you ignore him LOUDLY and never talk to him again. Added bonus he'll start trying to figure out who "ratted" him out and go crazy wondering which of his friends or other girls may have contacted you. He will be too dumb to figure out if he's going to cheat on a forum that can be openly viewed so easily, maybe I don't know, he should stop cheating? Or at least be smarter about it. (Yes, I threw up a little when I typed that one, but honestly does the guy think so little of your intelligence that he couldn't figure out a five-year-old child can figure out how to view Skype convos?)


But really, the best revenge is to dump him completely, block and delete him with a message that simply says, "Never speak to me again, you are dead to me." And then enforce that with everything you have. When your friends and family ask what happened tell them, "Well, I don't like being lied to, now hush and let's not speak it's name any longer."


Then you go out and get a rocking life and live well, because that truly is the best revenge. He can't mean the world to you, he's a lying cheater and if that's who means the world to you, then you need to get another world. One that is yours and only yours and not dependent on some guy calling you his girlfriend.

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