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How to make my girlfriend miss me


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We all want that from our exes, especially in the early post-breakup stages. The only advice I have is the same thing you would find if you googled it: stop contacting her. She won't miss you if you're still "around" and this means cutting social media ties as well. Completely unoriginal advice, but we really can't make other people feel anything, you know?

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It sounds like you want your girlfriend to be super excited to see you again. Perhaps to relive the exciting times when you first meet them.

The best advice is to develop your own self. Working out, learn a new skill, take a course, join a sports team, church group, volunteer, etc.

Once you are reaching your own peak, two things happen

1) Your confidence level is high (just don't be arrogant or cocky about it)

2) You are more desirable and interesting.


Do these things and your girlfriend will miss you more.


further reading: Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

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We're almost seeing each other...will no contact be helpful?[/


If you want to run her off then by all means go no contact that's a good way of gettin shet of her. Just gettin her to miss you, might want to try something no quite so drastic. Try not being there at her ever beck and call, let her know you have your own life. Make her a part of your life but not your whole life.

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If she cheated is with this guy and broke up with you then you need to go not contact. Not to get her back but to spare yourself this pain.

i have a problem with my girlfriend. We're going to 8 yrs relationship this may. Suddenly i discovered that she is chatting someone not from our place for a period of time. When i discovered it i immediately confront her then she decided to break up with me but i did not accept it. She also did not force the break up and i told her i will not give up and i've done everything i could but she is still with that i guy right now and we also are still together. how should i handle this?
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We did not break up....we're still in relationship


So why do you feel the need to make her miss you?


We're almost seeing each other...will no contact be helpful?


What do you mean you're "almost seeing each other"? I thought she was your girlfriend. I'm confused.


Going no contact is usually reserved for when you have broken up with someone. It isn't something you should need/want to do when you are in a relationship.

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