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So my ex broke up with me about 8 months ago. Since Jan. 1, she completely erased me out of her life after I stood up for myself by telling her that she is partly responsible for the break up and that I will no longer take any of her transgressions. However, now that she will not speak to me at all, I have no means of contacting her. Which is fine, since I want to move on, but she has something that belongs to me. It's not a gift perse, but a gesture. I gave her my letterman jacket to show her that she was a special girl to me. We were in a six year relationship.


I tried contacting her sister in January, and she was nice and relayed my message to my ex. We were both pleasant and polite for the most part. However, after I waited 2 months, nothing came in the mail. So I tried contacting her sister again, today, but this time no reply from her sister. I know it's just a jacket, but I put so much effort in earning it. It was my last year to be eligible to win one, and I ended up getting second place in my tournament. So it has some meaning of me being resilient and never giving up.


Also, I don't understand why she would want to keep such a reminder of me when she's made it clear that she wants no part of me. I would like to think she would send it back without any problems or objections. And besides that, it will take up a lot of closet space. It just doesn't make sense. I really want it back so I can either give it to a girl who will actually respect me or hang it up...

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I don't think it's foolish at all to want your letterman's jacket returned to you. Someday, you may well have a kid who intends to nick it off you. I still wear my father's lucky coat from his undergrad days, with pride.


What about sending her a polite letter, registered mail, and outline a suggestion for your paying for a prepaid mailing package for her to send it to you, for instance?


Good luck.

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