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  1. The couples counseling is a good start , other than the verbal abuse and the shove there has been no other incidents ? Problem with walking away completely is you’re throwing everything away, the entire relationship would have been for nothing , something to ponder
  2. Tell me about it ! I am a guy in my late 20s, good career , good salary , single no kids etc.... haven’t had any luck either . Honestly , I think it’s a culture shift and I am convinced foreign women ( non-westernized ) are the way to go . Just my .2
  3. Thanks for the reality check wiseman , definitely needed that wow it stings but true .
  4. Thanks for the responses , I think trying to expand social circle with out explicitly seeking dating is a solid approach . I absolutely agree cold approaching isn’t good . Totally agree about the avoid girls at work , tried that at a previous job , was way too awkward , learned my lesson .
  5. In my experience that’s been the case
  6. Thanks for your response , not really , maybe once in a blue moon I’ll try and when I did try It did make me feel so empowered! I just have watched a lot of YouTube videos where other guys have said it’s all pointless and a waste of time for various reasons , I have watched these videos for so long over the years it’s really hard to not believe it .
  7. At what point do you just accept you’ll probably be alone ?! It bothers me every now and then , I have only had one real relationship which lasted most of college and then it was over . Things are going well for me career wise and financially but my dating and romance life is nonexistent . I try to stay in reasonable shape and watch what I eat . I just don’t know where I would even start to meet any girl . I also no longer believe that any good looking woman is single and if she is , she probably has major baggage . I guess what I am asking is what steps do I need to take to meet women , I find dating apps are pretty shallow , I’ll maybe get one match a month , if I am Lucky
  8. Wow , that was a real sad read . She sounds like a real piece of work . I disagree with her , yes you’ve had some angry issues but I don’t think you were controlling at all . I think you were patient and completely under appreciated by this woman , wow !!! If you believe in Karma , you’ve truly done good by her, it’s unfortunate she’s gotta be an ass about the whole thing and throw the relationship away . I think the best thing for you is to really focus on moving on , find someone else and be happy . As for fear of her slipping back , I would try to not worry about it . You’ve done all you can , people need to take responsibility for their own actions and face the consequences .
  9. The rubbing the private parts is a bit extreme. I get it though , if he’s sexually frustrated ( again though , the rubbing is a bit excessive ). Really depends on how much you like the guy .
  10. I definitely wouldn’t tell your current partner any of this stuff . If it’s truly bothering you , I would start looking for some kind of therapy where at least you could discuss it
  11. Good question . I understand where you’re coming from , I am also 25, I have only had one relationship that ended right before I graduated college which was upsetting ( which even still upsets me ). If you’re really interested in dating , I guess you actually have to go places and explore . It’s certainly not easy . As a given , nobody will show up at your doorstop , so as a start , work on dispelling that fantasy
  12. Thanks for all the great advice everyone , definitely things to think about moving forward !
  13. You’ll be okay , it sucks , just know we all have been here . Try to watch you-tube videos for various motivational speakers on coping
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