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Females perspectives on why a girl would do this???


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Someone messaged me on a fake Facebook account couple months ago asking me questions about a girl I used to see and also was saying negative stuff about her. I responded saying that she took advantage of my love. I never knew or met any of her friends by the way. I believe it is either her or her current boyfriend. Few weeks ago another fake Facebook tried to message me. Now I believe it's either this girl I used to see or or her current boyfriend. I cut all communication with her in April since she kept telling me excuses why she couldn't commit or give me a chance like religion, school, being hurt in the past, etc. Then she went through my phone and got upset I talked to other women when she never once tried to claim me for herself. And then slapped me in the face by committing to someone few months the later. What could be the reason why either one of them would be trying to contact me on fake Facebook accounts.

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Because she is psycho. Now for the love of.....block, block, delete, make your FB private so randoms can't keep harassing you like that. She doesn't miss you, she is literally harassing you and making a fool out of you or responding even once, aka you fell for the crazy deceit.


As for the whole but I love her, it's a bit like loving poisonous snakes. They make really bad pets, even worse bed mates and they will bite you and poison you. Some things are best kept at a good distance and psycho women certainly qualify for that. You love her and you will get over her and the sooner, the better for your well being and sanity.

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