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Where to go to recuperate?

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Hey there,


I'm reeling after a psychotic episode. I've lost contact with anyone who can support me.


I'm not in a supportive environment- I'm in need of somewhere to go for healthy rest and recuperation. I've got a little money but not a lot. I'm thinking probably some country where things are cheap. But anywhere at this stage.


I'm totally stumped for ideas. Does anyone have any idea of a place I can go to rest and feel safe?

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Yikes. What about a youth hostel or researching ads for rooms with nice people or a nice family. Yeah, don't stay with that cult. Is it Scientology?


Read up on post cult "deprogramming": The psychology of the cult experience

Europe at the moment - I'm renting an apartment from a member of a spiritual group I was part of. They don't believe in mental illness. So I'm under pressure to 'drop it' and 'get over it' or leave.
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