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What are the chances of me not getting an official offer?


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This past week I was at my third round of interviews for a rotational program for after I graduate in May. This was a 2 day process and just ended yesterday. A lot of the activities we had to do were rigorous and were both in teams and individual. Anyway, after I had gotten back home yesterday, I received a text message from one of the hiring managers that said "Great job. We want you for rotational. No promises yet but more details soon".


The "no promises" part is throwing me off a bit... Would they tell me this if they weren't going to actually offer me the position? Seems a bit unprofessional if so

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For a positive take - if there are different times for the rotations - I would read that you got a rotation but the specific time hasn't been assigned. It's an unnecessarily vague message but that seeems always to be a part of hiring or at least how it's done at my company - they leave you hanging because they can.

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I read that as the person sending you the text wants you, but they have to get it approved through other people who haven't said yes. And yeah, a bit of a jerk move in that they are trying to keep you as an option and hope you won't go elsewhere.


Send back a brief, "thanks for the update" text. And then keep looking at other options, the more the merrier. You do not owe any loyalty and sitting on a shelf to anyone who puts you down as a "maybe" either in work or relationships.


I'd say it's a half-good sign, but I would not stop looking for what else is out there either.

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This time of year offers are usually made no later than the second week of December due to the Christmas holiday. I have had two interviews during the month of November and was offered the job by first week of december with a december start date.

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