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Signs an ex would like to reconcile


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What are signs that an ex would like to get back together?


We dated six months (most of which were good). I broke-up with him because at the time he wasn't able to meet my needs. I wanted us move forward and he said he wasn't ready for a serious relationship yet. So I ended it. He said he hoped that one day we can get back together.


Fastfoward two months, we ran into each other, had lunch and caught up. That day he said he doesn't see himself getting married anytime soon. So I felt that I made the right decision in pursing my own thing.


Fastfoward another two months to three weeks ago. He texts asking if I want to go eat to celebrate my birthday. I said I would love to but it can't happen until a month from now because my weekends are booked.


Three days after that invite he shows up after his work to bring me food. We just talked and ate. The following week he asked me to bring him something so we met up for a quick coffee. I just got out of work, and he was about to go to work. We had a nice friendly talk. But what struck me as odd was that he was telling me a guy sitting near us asked him if he and I were together (while I was in the bathroom) because that guy thought I was cute. I said that was odd and then he confessed that never happened. Weird.


Two days ago, he asked us to meet up because now he wanted to return something to me. We met up quickly. This time he asked if I was getting married anytime soon. I said far from it. I asked him if he was getting married soon and he said far from it. Then he said he would want to get married. He is now ready for that. So different from the man I dated months ago. Then he becomes more touchy with me.


He texts me that night and then nothing.


His texting style is hot or cold. Sometimes I hear from him a lot. Other times he disappears.


Just wondering if it sounds like he does want to get back together or not. I will say now that I do want to get back with him. We get a long so well. What do you guys think?

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I wouldn't read into "signs". Getting back together is hard so if someone really wants you. Ack of course he's going to want to make sure he is clear about it so you're not snapped up while he gives "signs". I married my ex boyfriend and when he wanted to get back together he said "what do you think of us getting back together?" Yes there were signs and yes I forced myself not to focus on them intensely just in case I was wrong. I would ask him directly.

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He has initiated to see me four times in three weeks. And after spending time together he would text me saying he always has fun with me. He would always talk about our time together and he would remember all the little details about me, so I just assumed he was testing the waters first. So, if he's not being direct about it then it means he doesn't want to get back together?

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