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Spring has Sprung ..


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Today, is the first day of Spring (in the Southern world that I live in), the sun is shining and there are pretty flowers/bulbs bursting and it is so motivating!!


Today, I put my name down to volunteer at a local Mental Health Event and I have also volunteered to foster and transport a dog over the weekend for another worthy organisation.


Pat myself on the back...


I might look for a new job too, I don't feel stimulated at my current job.


I have a feeling that a new chapter in my life is approaching!

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Awww, thanks but no thanks ... one season at a time ... I'm going to soak this weather up before it becomes unbearable


(we had a mild winter... hardly any snow stink!)


For us we have had a hotter than hell summer . They say summer will last through OCT. Just NOOOOOO

Fall and Winter please.

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OMG! I feel like a kid... the Mental Health organisation that I have volunteered for would like me to do all the Promo, meet and greets and volunteer co-ordination for our local event!!! I can resign from my other volunteering job knowing that my efforts are going to help people in need! Ekkkk Squeaaal!


I'm so excited


Finally feel like I will be contributing to a worthy organisation!!!

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