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  1. I dont want to sound negative, but what makes you think that the thing that was missing before is no longer missing?
  2. Do you have any proof that your husband is in any way negativelly affected by his friend? Sometimes people who worry too much and play it safe need a friend that is quite the opposite to run away from daily worries. It doesnt mean they will start making "bad" decisions, or that they don't see them as bad decisions.
  3. Wow, this chick seems like total a**hole, why would you even want to have anything with her?
  4. You get angry because you realized that you are not in relationship with him, but you are rather in relationship with what you want him to be. He's been honest with you about not wanting to remarry and all of this other stuff too, why do you think you can/should change his mind about that? Oh and welcome back thing, that's quite funny and something he probably doesnt look at the way you look at it.
  5. It depends. Is he into a chess and talks to them about some moves? Is it more like "yeah Kasparov really messed up on that one" or more like "wow, nice t*ts babay, show me bobs and vageanae"? You know the difference.
  6. Ask him out. The thing is, maybe he doesn't see you this way, maybe he's unsure about what you think about him, maybe he's shy or maybe he doesnt like you. You never know unless you ask. Would you rather do a simple "hey, wanna go out this saturday" or would you rather miss on maybe the best thing in your life just because somebody is "supposed" to do something?
  7. Dude, she is treating you reaallly bad. I dont know why you would want to be with such a person.
  8. She has a blog dude. That's number 1 evidence she is gluten intolerant! /s Anyway, on topic, I think you should sit your wife down and explain how you feel.
  9. You are 19, you are young and life has a lot more to offer than HS droput and a guy that keeps yelling at you.
  10. After a day of hiking and limited water availability, I'm pretty sure there will be no funny business in a tent...
  11. So, I met this girl at the beginning of october last year and we went on weekly dates untill the end of the year when I asked her 2 days before new year to be exclusive. She said yes, but we kept taking it slowly and I was happy with the way things were going. We were together for about a month and a half and then she hit me with "I'm not over my ex" thing. I wished her all the best and went completely NC from that moment on. Today I went with my friends to the city where she is originally from and I have seen her holding a hand of a guy and something in me crushed. I just feel really sad about all of it. I cant pinpoint to whether I feel sad that she is with somebody else and there will be no way of us getting back together or I feel sad because it's so hard for me to find somebody that I click with so much. Why do these short relationships hurt as much as those long term?
  12. Why dont you try asking him if he'd like to have something more? Honesty is sometimes good.
  13. Well, first you should accept that whoever you date was at some point f*cked by somebody else. That's the reality and there is nothing bad at it. We men tend to be a bit possesive in these regards but we should accept that you cannot posses another person or even less posses their past. You were not together and it's not even like she went all the way through with it. You should deal with being sure she doesnt get back to you just to break up with you again. Make her work and prove you that getting back together is a good idea, this will ensure that you dont get your heart broken in future, there is a risk of her leaving but in that case - good riddance.
  14. It's been 10 years and I dont think things would be awkward if you didnt go out of your way and told his sister to say hello for you. Are you friends with his sister?
  15. Tell her that you see her as more than a friend and so you cant stay in contact with her. Block her if necessary and go looking for some girl that is available. I know it sucks, but it will suck a lot less in a week.
  16. Well, whenever life sucks, it's just temporary. You never know what's behind a corner and what you could miss on to. I understand that sometimes things look like they have been sucking for forever, but it's just your mind playing with you.
  17. How old are you? Why dont you try and ask him out directly? "hey, want to go on a date?" can take you a long way.
  18. Breadcrumbs mate, breadcrumbs.
  19. The thing is, moving on is easier (logistically) and more probable thing than getting back with an ex. It's (IMO) pretty dangerous to let yourself pin for somebody that has clearly shown you that they dont want to be with you. This way you are closed for (most likely better) options out there and could spend eternity pinning on somebody that doesnt like you back, essentially wasting your life. That being said, there are exes that I'd probably get back with, most of them I'm strangers with now and I think they'd have as much chance as any other stranger. I'd probably get back with my most recent ex, because I think that we would have made it if the circumstances were different (and I have been in her position). I wouldnt get back with an ex that I came here for though. I dont have any special feelings for her any more, I dont even hate her, it's just that she hurt me too much and I couldnt forgive her that.
  20. I think you should talk to her about it first, but solve things with your company in the mean time (if she has any share take care of that). I believe that you cant stay in relationship eith person that continues to break your trust,and having a company with her will be a big problem. Keep it in secrecy as much as you can untill you can make that company only your own. I know that it's an aholish thing to do, but she doesnt deserve much better after all of this.
  21. I dont know what else to say other than you are most likely not ready for any kind of relationship.
  22. Sorry to say this, but be thankful that she let you down nicely and dont push her for a date.
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