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  1. Weeeeeeee!!! <!--url{0}--><!--url{1}--> by <!--url{2}-->, on Flickr[/img]</p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> Maraehako Beach, East Cape NZ</p><p> Camping right on the beach April 2019</p><p> </p><p> (been a while since I Hi All!
  2. I'm glad you listened to your boys and came here instead of going to your parents with them for the holiday's. (your parents who only 2 x in 9 years made an effort to see them) I cant explain in one word how I felt when you walked past the restaurant my gf and I were eating at the other day... it was weird, I was saddened to see your frame - you use to be broad and confident and smiley.... there was none that in you. Another friend asked what you looked like now, (and I had no clue as I didn't greet you this time) so I googled a recent photo of you for their interest and I guess mine - as I ony saw a snippet of you, and only recognised you because My (our) sons were on either side of you... I was shocked, you look so sad. Your eye's don't look like a person that would be happy in their 2 year marriage to the OW you left your family for 9 years ago, my first thought was - ahhhh karma, but then No, my heart feels for you - that you were sucked into this disillusion that things are greener on the other side... I guess I kind of pity you... I pity you as you have missed out on the best years of your childrens lives, I pity you that you are not involved with their milestones, their first proms, all their firsts as young adults, getting their licence, getting DUX, going to their graduations, getting first parttime-jobs seeing them florish in their chosen fields, I pity you that you have no responsiblities as a father, I pity you because you are not happy. It sadly doesn't make me feel good, I knew this day would come, but even though it's what I always wanted, I feel sad as it looks like life didn't live up to your expectations with this OW, and we all suffered for your "fight against us" to have her. We are doing great, the kids are loved from awesome role models, (my family and friends and even their Deans and tutors), my heart is bursting with pride to how we 3 survived, we stumbled and broke so many times, but we are together as a firm unit.. we are compasionate to others and motivated | excited for today and our future... so very much so. I'm glad you came and saw the boys, I hope you made an effort to meet their friends (and girlfriend) see their schools, their hangouts. It must be hard to see these fine young loyal and level headed men as your sons, and knowing that you had no role in building them up to be just that. I wish I had just one word to sum this up...but I'm sorry it didn't work out the way you planned.
  3. I moved countries with my kids and have built a career from scratch, and castle for them & I, and became a warrior mum (not literally - a wee house and land, but it is my castle, made it a sanctuary surrounded with people who love and protect me) Joined lots of sporting events and meet amazing and inspiring people. Fell in love with where I am in life (sometimes the love blurs and I have to remind myself how lucky I am) The slow side of it: I learnt to let go (took a lot of yrs of self discovery...) but I've learnt that I (we) will always get hurdles, and how I (we) choose to react to them will make my success to over come them easier or harder. - not perfect at it, but I am a whole lot better at it
  4. It been a while, I really haven't got much to add to my journal, still struggling with the Thyroid - self medicating as my T3 & T4 levels are not high enough to warrant Modern Medicine (which I don't think I want either) so I'm taking a ship load of Minerals, Supplements, Vitamins, Probiotics, Bovine Thyroid. blah blah blah, I sound like every other Person that suffers from this, so I will stop discussing it now. haha Work is awesome, I am now in Head Office, with the Software Engineers and learning so much, I finally see things going well from here. - Work is busier (apart from today, but I think this is more to do with the school holidays and great snow in the Mountains...) Kids are doing ok - being kids. Eldest is doing well now, still with the girlfriend, her mother has caused so much drama, I may need to write about it as it's a great laugh! haha I see why his gf has turned out as she has, and I will try and help her with manners and behavior without her noticing... not my job - but someone has too! My youngest has finally been accepted into a National Rehab scheme to work on his legs - Only 6 years of pushing for help, I finally went "Mother Phsyco" at the Health System as he is being bullied at school "because he's different", he is now bordering obese due to the low esteem downing motivation . I have had to be careful with trying to motivate him as I am his mum and I don't want to be a nag and make it worse. The scheme is for Youth's over 16, he is only 14, but because of the severity they have made allowances - he has 2 sessions a week which includes Gym and Thermal Bathing as well as the Physio team (magical stuff here). I'm still solo, and loving it. I may get set in my ways and stay like this :-) I have a project on with a dear male friend of mine, we are looking at Coastal land and are going to build a double home with some tiny BnB's for when we semi -retire... something to look forward to as I love hosting! (I have always wanted to do this and have someone to do it with now) :-) - My friend is an architect and we have a similar "Natural and slightly different" flare so watch this space!, in a couple of years I may be advertising a place for all these ENA'ers to R&R and get together to solve all the worlds problems in the Southern Skies! I shall go now, and take some time to read fellow ENA journals, say hello, and spread some damaged knowledged. Be safe in this crazy world
  5. Why are you talking to someone who has had a falling out with your wife?. I can understand you are hurt, but this is a very typical (school girl way) of this woman starting a rift between you and your wife. This woman was quiet possibly being manipulative, she was wanting to hurt your wife as much as she obviously hurt. Women talk about their partners to their friends esp BFF's. Maybe some of what this woman has said is true but I wouldn't be surprised if she has made it to be worse that it was. (Sometimes when there is a falling out it especially with women, things gets taken out of context and blown up and escalated - especially when one side of the friendship is badly hurt (emotionally) and they set about wanting to hurt the other as much as they are hurting... (hope this makes sense - it does in my brain OK, so there is lack of affection, go and talk to her, ask her if she will go see a counselor and sort it out. The two of you. Together. Without interference from those with hidden agenda's. If it's too hard, then leave. You two married each other as you were in love, you have history, spend a bit of time healing with her.... put what that lady (who has no relevance) said to the side. Don't give up too easily. Goodluck. As for the thing about your kids, same as above, again your kids may have been little sh8t's at the time and your wife was probably venting... (I say it about my own kids sometimes even though I love them to pieces).... kids get in-between the happy and not so happy nerves a bit in life...
  6. Wow, it's been more than a month that I have been on here - good things must be happening as time is flying past ever so fast!. Yes a lot of good has happened, as well as a bit of yuk - thankful nothing has exploded into drama's. Finally, the company I worked for was sold, I have moved into new offices and our little team of 3 has now grown to a awesome team of 8 with more than 30 other employees at another location, it's so weird and wonderful to be corporate again, The bosses are amazing and finally a company that values their staff, we could order what ever we wanted in stationery - "it's the small stuff that matters I tell you!" ! - we are all smiling and so happy that the stagnant worklife we've been living with the old company is over. We have so many changes happening, it's awesome to be part of a proactive team! Home life is a little more complex. Eldest son has managed to get into trouble twice this year at school, I'm beside myself - he's acting out of character, sadly all since he started a serious relationship with a young girl (who has cheated and broke his heart already and he took her back...) ahhhh so it begins... I don't approve of her, but I can't do anything, hopefully he will wake up soon... My youngest is sad, he has the world on his shoulders, he's worried about everything breaking (could be my fault as I had a bit of a melt down when my kitchen flooded) he's also worried about my health as well as being bullied at school, (he's such a gentle soul, it's really sad that he's got all this weighing him down. My Car died at work two weeks ago, It's been at the garage for 3 weeks waiting on parts from Germany. This weekend my Kitchen flooded due to the Mixer exploding during the night (oh boy) times like this I am glad I have insurance!! - builder is coming tomorrow to come and look at replacing my kitchen cupboard thanks to insurance (dear god, let him replace all the cupboards! - would love a new kitchen :-) ) I had best go do some work, as I have plenty of it now! Exciting times And! It's almost Easter holidays!!! Yay!!!
  7. Thanks reinvent! Nice to know I'm not alone x :-)
  8. Thanks Jibralta! she's such a moocher, I think she knows she's cute. So, diagnoses is... I have Hashimoto as well as Chronic Fatigue. I have been giving Vit D (once a month capsule - it's what they give the elderly in Care ) I'm also on a bunch of other Vits as well as Natural Thyroid. I'm trying to keep my diet gf, sf, df - basically funless! oh and alcohol free too.... I do not really want to start on the meds they offer until I have exhausted all avenues of doing this Naturally, my hair is already thinning, and apparently the meds make it worse - waaaaaa not my hair! I've been walking a min of 20km every weekend and started with a womans mountain biking group and boot camp every Wednesday.... Inside all I want to do is build a blanket fort and snuggle in blankets so I'm really pushing myself to do these. I dropped the boys to school this morning (as it's pouring with rain) and all I wanted to do was cry... I have no drama's or anything in my life, I just feel lonely. Not lonely wanting a relationship, just a - lone. It came over me like a wave. I'm over people and life (not suicidal at all) but just void of giving a hoot. I have great friends, they are all in their drama filled relationships and I think what is the point of all this... It's so sad watching them being taken advantage of, losing their self esteem, trying to prove themselves. What happened to the lives we had when we were younger,? when people took us for who we were? - maybe I was the only one that did this, I don't know... it's just horrid watching people using people and friends being hurt. I think my brain is exhausted. This weekend even though it's meant to rain, I might head down to the beach and get some salt air. Change of scenery might do me good.
  9. Awww SilverB, I missed this one, so cute!!
  10. Thanks Bolt! She has a little white tip on her tail (below)... she's for ever chasing it. - Such a time waster and adorable <a href=https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4751/39867939342_8dff02144f_n.jpg' alt='39867939342_8dff02144f_n.jpg'>maggie3 by Lisii, on Flickr[/img]
  11. Maggie :love-struck:, I can only get sleeping photos as she's so fast and a blurr! haha <!--url{0}--><!--url{1}--> by <!--url{2}-->, on Flickr[/img]</p><p> </p><p> </p><p> <img src=Maggie1 by Lisii, on Flickr[/img]
  12. Hi Jibralta, yes it is becoming very common, which is scary... I'm currently doing the 30day cleanse diet from this book (my sister gave it to me for Christmas), I'm absorbing so much information, like you say, it's so interesting. My doctor thinks I could have Hashimoto's, (waiting on the ENT to confirm) <!--url{0}--><!--url{1}--> by <!--url{2}-->, on Flickr[/img]</p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> Oh, and just for attention... my Maggie-Moo (everyone says she looks like a Friesian cow! haha), growing ever so much in her sleep :-)</p><p> </p><p> <img src=maggie by Lisii, on Flickr[/img]
  13. It's been a busy couple of weeks. Yesterday I had a scan and have been told I have multinodes on my Thyroid (which explain the exhaustion/fatigue and choking fits that I have had over the last year) I'm happy I finally have a reason for my brain fog etc... I just have to wait to hear back from the ENT for what type of Thyroid condition I have. The last three weeks I have been on a Thyroid diet which gave me my energy back and I have walked about 60km in the last two weekends and started Pilates - I'm killing myself - waaaa my muscles hurt! but at least I have my mojo back! My boys get back from Aus this weekend and I'm excited to see them, its been nice to have a break, sad to say, I actually missed their smelly hefferlumpy bodies. Friends are awesome, but full of drama's most going through a breakups - OMGosh! everyone is breaking up, that is 4 couples around me, (Thank goodness I'm solo and happy so!). Mr G contacted me on my birthday, said he had driven past my house but I wasn't home (thankgoodness), not sure if I'm ready to face him, he broke me. Looking for a new car, my little VW is getting cranky and my son has nowhere to put his legs, I hate car buying, I wish I was mechanically minded, then I'd live with it... but $$ I can't afford to keep fixing her, every month it's another issue.. so off to the car yards I go... Company sale was meant to go through next Wednesday for us to start fresh on Thursday, but we have hit major snag with Licenses, fingers crossed the Lawyers will work it out before then as I'm ready for change!!, My contract is signed and I'm pumped for it (as well as being in a real office in the city, with 30 other colleagues :-) ) - I'm also looking forward to my final pay (as I've been saving up my holidays to be paid out tehe... - rubbing my hands together with glee!) Maggie is tearing up the house... I think she enjoys watching me cringe when she rips from one end of the house then flies on top of my new lounge, the noise of her claws alone sends me to cardiac arrest! Lisii is happy, no complaints apart from the sale of the Company... yay my shadows will be back soon! :love-struck:
  14. It's been wayyyyyy too hot Dias... You have to come visit! I'll list all the places which are worthy of seeing before you do
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