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Starting college next week - nervous!


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I took the past 2 years off after high school because I didn't feel ready for college at all. I felt ready this year and applied and got accepted to my program. In the two years of being out of school, I gained some valuable experience living on my own and with my ex, ever since we broke up I moved back home since it's close to my college. As much as I feel I am ready, I am still very very nervous of how I am going to handle everything and I am worried that it will be too much all at once. After having worked 2 years full time at my job, I am only going to be working 1 day a week and Saturday and Sundays. I feel like it is going to be so much of a change all at once, a social change, a financial change (having to manage my money more carefully than what I'm use to), and just an over all life change. I keep being positive and telling myself I will be fine and everything will all work out, but it is a lot of changes happening at once that I am afraid of. I am obviously worried about my financial situation and how I will manage my money as I am on a student loan, and worried I will not make friends. Any one have any advice? Thanks

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Check out the college's website for clubs, sports, groups, organisations and get involved in the social as well as academic life there. You'll make friends with people in your classes as well. Good Luck!

worried I will not make friends. Any one have any advice? Thanks
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College will be a piece of cake!!! You were able to get through living on your own, with a boyfriend, enduring that break-up and moving out and it looks like you're about to start a new you-focused chapter of your life!


You'll love college. When I was in college and my long distance boyfriend dumped me, I went from having no friends at all to having lots of friends that were just my own (previously all of my friends had also been my ex-boyfriend's). I joined clubs, became more outgoing, went to parties, organized study groups, etc... I also worked part-time all the way through high school and college. As far as a social experience, I think you'll be perfectly fine. I think you'll even love it!


Working while in school can be rough at times, but school is more important in the end (otherwise why would you be paying to go?) so just make sure you make time for your homework assignments and study groups, etc.


Finances are a BIG DEAL. It's great that you've lived on your own already, you have experience budgeting and paying your own bills then, I assume. I did not have this experience when I went to college, and I very nearly ruined my credit. I paid my own bills and worked all through college, of course, but I never really budgeted very well. I'm 25 now and have been living on my own in another state for 3 years, I'm just now starting to really budget (rent is way more expensive here than it was where I used to live!!). As long as you watch your spending, you'll be fine. Since you do have a student loan now, it's important to know that you should only take out WHAT YOU NEED, because you WILL have to pay it back at some point, the less money you take out and spend now, the less you will have to pay back and owe interest on later. If you take out a certain sum of money and you end up with a lump sum leftover after purchasing all the necessary supplies for that semester, it's best to take that money and put it back toward your student loan debt (you do not have to pay on your loans while you are still attending school full-time but it can significantly help pay down your interest/debt so it's less to deal with once you graduate).

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Always focus on why you're in college. yes you should have fun and mingle and meet new people, but all that will end eventually so you might as well try your best to excel academically. I wasn't as focused during my undergraduate years but when I went for my second degree, I was very determined, which meant less partying etc. and it paid off in the end.



so definitely study hard and if you do, things usually pan out. and if they don't, don't waste your time on a major that you stink at. sorry but some people are not meant to be doctors (example). you may change your major quite a few times. I will say to do your research on job prospects when choosing a major. if you choose something like philosophy or english, you will be pretty limited to teaching etc. you don't want a useless 4 year degree in something and not land a job. good luck you'll be fine.

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