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Is this supposed to happen?


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Long story short, I'm 17. In 2008 I saw this doctor and he told my parents I had anxiety and depression. They started to treat me differently, but I didn't really notice until 2009. They would often tell me they were embarrassed of me, and they can't stand being around me. During that time, I would sometimes hear them making fun of others who had depression worse off than me.


I don't spend time with them, rarely at all. I keep to myself most of the time, because I still get treated that way. They make fun of people with depression and other mental stuff still too.


I don't have too many friends my age, most of my friends are 24+. It's always been that way, I'd just make friends with older people. So, I don't know how "normal" this is, the way my parents think. Since most of my friends are older, they have their own houses and are normally busy. I'm not around alot of "outside" people, to know if this goes on with other people to.


Is this in anyway normal?

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What does your therapist say/suggest? Is this the same problem?


She tells me to journal, and try to do something to keep myself busy.


This problem is a bit like the other one, but different as it has different things that go on.

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