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  1. Dump him.. Let him go fantasize about hot female celebrities. You can do better than him, someone who cares more about you.
  2. Lack of options. Maybe they loved the person first. Maybe the person they married is rubbish.
  3. Well can you move to a more european area? It might help.
  4. At least your daughter didnt punch him in the face.
  5. She sounded like she wanted something serious and for you to show you were more into her. (Be a gentleman, pay attention to her, remember things about her, bring her nice surprises, show her off, whisper sweet nothings in her ear, take her on dates, dont hit on other girls, etc.) Since you dont want anything serious I would leave her be.
  6. Nothing wrong with tea!
  7. You guys sound real slimy.. Like you couldnt care less about the girl you just want easy sex.
  8. Can you give an example of how she gave you hell? Was she using you for sex or were you using her for sex? Did you treat her like a human being? Do you hug her when she cries? Do you tell her you love her smile or that she is beautiful? Is anyone she knows tied to the medical field just trying to shove pills down her throat? Is she just trying to get on disability so she can get money and then go hideaway?... I have a friend that did that.
  9. Find something you love to do! Can you go live by the sea? Get a job working for roxy brand. What excites you in the slightest?
  10. Just because he works a retail job and lives with his parents doesnt mean he isnt willing to move out with someone significant into their own place or that he doesnt have any money. He could also live in a mansion and feel compelled to save up money living at home or live their cause their are homeless people out there. He sounds sweet! Send him into the arms of someone who cares!
  11. Tell her you do love her but she needs to give you more space.
  12. Tell her you would like her to be more your equal. Dont let her call you Daddy anymore. Tell her you would like her to be more womanly around you? Maybe she wants a daughter in her future, one who will be treated with love.
  13. Assuming your 21 and you even drink. Nothing wrong with milkshake, soda fountain, smoothie or a slushie!
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