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Did I do the right thing?


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My ex who broke up with me has been contacting me 2 months after the breakup. We had been talking on and off because we were moving out of our apartment. The other day he asked me to hangout. I had been talking to him on and off for the past while, but I told him I couldn't talk to him at all any more, and he assumed it was because I found someone new or slept with someone else. I was straightforward and I told him the truth that I have been sleeping with other people. He was so hurt, crying to me and asking why and how I could move on so fast. He is so hurt. I feel bad but even though we were friendly, we were broken up and grew apart majorly in the past 2 months. Did I do the right thing by telling him and being honest that I slept with other people, I feel really terrible he is so hurt.

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