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There is good in most people


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I was at the mall today with my son and this young man walked up to him and said " hey bud". My son said hi back. The young man turned to me and said I I go to college with ... and we went to high school together and grade 8. I was a bad person back in grade school and I used to bully and beat on your son. Your son and I have made up but I want to apologise to you too.


Wow . What a great moment and a nice young man he has become.

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Yeah, I'm not one of those who believe "everyone's an a-hole, so you gotta be an a-hole too or you'll get run over".


I believe most people are good. And I acknowledge that there ARE some selfish d-bags in the world too. But still...


I would rather be happy and see good than be miserable, hating and mistrusting everyone.


That young man sounds like he matured. Good for him. And good for your son for being mature as well.

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What a good guy. Not only did he apologize to your son, he apologized to you, too. Not many folks understand the how the pain they caused had repercussions. I love that guy for his insight and courage.


Me too. I appreciated it so much. Not many people have that much courage.

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