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I'm guessing it means being a hothead and doing the absolute wrong thing, even though your intentions are good. Or, it could mean feeling helpless to know what the correct action really is.


In case you don't know, the story ends with Romeo and Juliette both dying for no good reason.


In order avoid marriage to her cousin, and to marry Romeo instead, Juliette tried to escape from her parent's house. To do this, she drank a potion that made it appear as though she died. The potion made her appear dead for nearly two days, long enough for her parents to have a funeral and place her body in the family crypt.


The plan was for a servant to notify Romeo that she wasn't really dead, and for him to come to her when the potion wore off. Then, they would be able to run away together.


But the full message never reached Romeo. He only heard that she was dead. Distraught, he bought poison for himself, went to her crypt, drank it, and fell down dead at her feet.


Juliette woke up moments later and found Romeo dead. She killed herself with his dagger.


The good news is that due to the deaths of their children, their respective families all learned from their own mistakes and lived happily ever after.

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In a relationship framework it may mean "I messed up because I thought you didn't like me anymore but now see that you actually like me and feel bad about this." To me it doesn't say much about the outcome because a rejuvenated Romeo is metaphorically two-sided.

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