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Yes they can, in fact it's easier for me to tell now right away if the surgery has worked!

So in that sense i hope the pain stays till then.....otherwise I'm weaned of the meds in 6 weeks time....or more since i take so much.

You basically can't live with this pain but you can't with the meds either which is why i chose this surgery to have a hope of a somewhat normal life afterwards.....with still a tumor in my head though.....

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I had one medication I was on that gave me night terrors. It was awful. I'm on something different now, but I still dream almost every night. I remember all mine, too.


Yeah, I have not had a dream in a year that I remember plus no waking up at night. Now as my medication reduces I'm back to insomnia . Bleck!!

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Oh yes so much better! The fog is clearing and i feel i have more energy, i just am not able yet because i have no stamina whatsoever....

You're right to lower so slowly, i can go faster than that because the problem is fixed and if all goes on this way then I'm off the meds somewhere in the next week after the next weekend.....


Lets hope we can soon say we both HAD tn!!

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