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  1. Victoria 66: I'm sorry you're going through this. ((((Tight Hugs)))) I had this happen and the only thing that helped was Tegretol...forget the Dilaidid/Hydromorphone. I lost about 10 pounds in two weeks. Before seeing a neurologist my symptoms got worse. I was even afraid to brush my teeth. I saw a dentist (no problem there) and a GP prior to the neurologist. I was afraid I had Multiple Sclerosis as I have another auto-immune condition but an MRI showed no lesions. The condition disappeared as quickly as began(after initiating Tegretol).
  2. Victoria66: I hope the cause of your TN resolves on it's own as it did in my case. It can even be caused by a virus...i know it's miserable and I hope you get well soon. (((Hugs)))
  3. Wouldn't the excision of the AN relieve the pressure on the trigeminal nerve?
  4. I never got that far...I was under the impression that pain originates in the brain and when the nerve is severed at the root further communication is interrupted permanently....but--Mine was alleviated with Tegretol...thank goodness! If you don't mind me asking what kind of tumor do you have?
  5. Sara Pezzini: There is a brain surgery which is minimally invasive where they disrupt communication with the nerve. They drill a small hole behind the ear on the skull....it's suppossed to prevent that nerve from communicating pain. And yes! I know why people would commit suicide over this. The pain makes you delirious! I didn't scream when I had natural childbirth but I screamed with TN....I'm so glad Tegretol worked for me.
  6. Sorry--I went back and corrected my post when I realized you were waiting to have the MRI. Is the breakthrough pain bad?
  7. This is truly horrendous pain!! It feels like lighting strinking your the face. I had it. No pain medication helped...not even Hydromorphone/Dilaudid. The neurologist I saw prescribed Tegretol(anti-seizure med)...The relief was incredible. Did you have an MRI? This is very important as TN is linked to Multiple Sclerosis. Have you had any visual disturbances or eye pain in the past? Do you have a family history of auto-immune disorders? Sometimes if the MRI is inconclusive they opt to do a spinal tap.
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