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Was there anything that could have set it off? Stress? Something happened? That's scary!

Try to relax, do some breathing exercises to calm your body down, that's basically all you can do...... maybe a long hot bath!


It is the heat. We are having an extreme heat wave and I have been doing walking to and from school escort.

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Oh thank God indeed!! maybe a little stress?

You have been pain free for months now right? Gotta keep it that way!


Yes, I’ve been pain-free since May/June except for the odd flare. For me big triggers are stress and heat. I have had bucket loads of stress lately in all different directions . But it is coming down now .

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yeah stress and being tired and heat.... all doesn't help!

I didn't have any stressors anymore and i hope it's gone now but otherwise i too have to find a new balance in that......

Yeah , my husband’s parents have both become quite ill and elderly and his sister is fighting with him over it . She’s being a total cow and treating him with total disrespect .


I was under financial stress too because we were licensing our room and I couldn’t work my usual hours for close to a month .


There was a college professor strike here for five weeks and now my son wants to withdraw because he can’t catch up .


So my life has been pretty stressful the past couple months . And it has driven my blood pressure through the roof . Which I’m sure doesn’t help the pressure in my head.


My work hours are coming back to normal now and I told my husband he can deal with his family I want nothing more to do with them . And my son well he can go back to college next September . There’s nothing I can do about any of this stuff so I just have to learn not care . I can’t make my husband stand up for himself and I can’t make my son stay in school so I just washed my hands of it .

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Yes that is a lot of stress indeed!

Sometimes it just can't be helped unfortunately but i think you handled it as best you could!

I hope at least the financial stress is over now and the rest.... well.... you have to not make it your problem...

Easier said than done, i know cause i make everything my problem but we have to learn that with tn!

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Oh crap no!

Yeah i know what you mean, no one can really understand this pain! Much as they try to..... one guy from my work said, if you willingly have 2 of those brain surgeries, that's enough for me to understand how bad this pain is.....

But you can't feel and really understand it. Even i cannot really recollect how it felt..... thank God!

Hope it subsides soon!

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Ahh crap!! hope it subsides soon, i can imagine the fear each time, is it happening again? when will it go away? Do i take some meds or wait?

Stress at the moment? Could it have triggered it?


It is pretty mild right now. Last night was bad. But yes you never know when to start meds. If it will go.


Yeah, stress mega.. one of my daycare little ones had a seizure on Friday. So I was very stressed about that.


Plus i got my night mouth guard to save my teeth, even being horribly claustrophobic I have managed to wear it.


How are you?

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Oh wow how scary for the little one! I can imagine that was very stressful! How is the child now?

Though it explains things it is still scary when that happens! Glad to hear it is mild now and i hope it completely goes away again!

I am doing well, been the 11th day without meds today! No pain although i do feel something but that happened a few weeks ago as well, maybe my body wants those meds again.... not gonna happen! It's not pain, i just feel something...

Also still many problems with heartburn and diarrhoea... Oh well....

Got a package from the hospital, apparently they found a resistant bacteria on the floor where i stayed and now i have to take a rectal swab and send it to them so they can test it and see if i have the bacteria as well...... but it doesn't sound serious if i do thank goodness lol

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The little one was taken to hospital and released later but then had another seizure at home and was transported to another hospital the city over. They discovered she has pneumonia. She is home again now with meds. Luckily we are all CPR and first aide trained and had just re- certified in November . Everyone in the building is first aid and CPR trained and vulnerable sector checked. Because we are a military installation though we are currently lucky enough to have a therapy dog on site . He’s a PTSD therapy dog but we managed to distract the other children with him and lead the other children to another room so that they didn’t witness anything . -year-old children between two and three years old . Easily frightened and impressionable . But none of them noticed anything was amiss they noticed the firetruck and the ambulance and the police and firemen and EMTs but they just thought that part was exciting they didn’t know that one of their little classmates had a medical emergency .


After it was all over we just carried on as usual and started serving lunch . The staff was debriefed by the on-site counsellors and we tried to make the rest of the day as normal for the children as possible .


Hopefully you don’t have the bacteria they are talking about !!!! That’s why I hate hospitals they are cesspools of infection !!!

I think it’s just going to take your body time to adjust a pain in the bum but what can you do .

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God that sounds so scary!! man i would freak out!

Good that the other children didn't witness it

But yes that i surely stressful enough to trigger the pain!

Would be great if we could just avoid all stress all the time but alas....


Pain in the bum made me laugh given the circumstances lol

But yes you're right! And compared to everything I've been through this is nothing!

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fingers crossed! Any updates on the little one?


Nothing more. So I am assuming she is ok.


I dunno I might take a pill and call into work. It is bad again. My anti seizure meds though are almost a year old. I guess they are still effective. I can just take 200 mg for a few days and see if the pain goes and then stop again.

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