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Landscape/animal photos


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The following errors occurred with your submission

Sorry, you are not allowed to post URLs.


I have tried that before and didnt work as you guided,thats why i asked how. Thanks.


From your picture in Fickr, select the little curved arrow at the bottom, which will take you to the share screen, select the BB Code Tab, Copy the URL and Paste it onto this page


Are you on a Mac or Windows?

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Im on Windows and i did that with the BBcode yet ihave no idea why it gives me that error saying i am not allowed to post URLs.


Hmmm - Don't copy it into the picture of the tree on your icons above, paste the url directly onto this page..


If this is what you are doing you may need to contact a moderator - good luck! I look forward to seeing your pic!

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My Bily Dog, (this is when she was 9 yrs old, she is now 15 deaf, grey, and lives with the exhb)


by Lisii, on Flickr


My Abraham (abradoodle - he's 19 in this photo half blind due to a stroke, grew his wings when he was 21yrs)


by Lisii, on Flickr


Our new baby - Jack the Cat - he always sleeps like this, is a very cool relaxed dude.


by Lisii, on Flickr

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