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Landscape/animal photos

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Dias, these photos were all taken by my old Samsung Galaxy (which died when I dropped it in the cats food dish - ha!)


Go to NZ first! (NZ is prettier... haha)


I was thinking the same about your photo's of the ruins... My friends in the UK are trying to talk me into coming back to Europe for another holiday... I just need to win the Lottery first !

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Very clear photos -well done


Yeah i know that NZ is prettier . I would like to visit both of course .


Europe has nice places too. Not the variety of landscapes that Australia and NZ have though. We are waiting for you .


I am thinking about a week in northern Ireland at the end of February . Many cliffs there with rainy weather , ideal for photography

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My evil plan is to entice all ENA peps to NZ for a big cheer up party


Europe has history of people which I love, it was nice going to over and seeing where my ancestors came from, staying in homes that have been in the family for centuries rather than years... I felt a great sense of belonging.. Ahhh I'm feeling a pull...

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