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Landscape/animal photos

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Thank you Lisii. I love your photos too. I hope i will be able to travel to NZ someday to take some good photos Lovely country.


I hate the quality of my photos but they have been taken by my iphone and not by a camera .


Your photos are beautiful, I've recently come back from Europe and miss it!.


(All my are taken on my phone too.. it's more handy than lugging a big heavy thing around)


NZ is pretty special

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^ I love the look of the sky in that photo, dias.

Wish I could contribute as well.. I don't have any scenic pics, only family and friends pics.


Thank you tab

Take your phone when you have a promenade. It's just the moment. We love nature

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Thanks TaB (catchy!) It's funny I never thought I'd share these photo's. It's nice to show of different places.

Love the last one of your set. Beautiful landscape. Makes me take the plane and fly there


Ps the insect is poisonous?

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