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How do you feel less insecure in relationships?


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So basically I'm in a relationship with someone for a couple of weeks and it's still early to tell.

I am 25 and this is my second relationship, my first one lasted 2 months so this is a pretty new thing for me, and quite scary to me to be honest.


I'm generally an insecure person even though I appear all confident and passionate about what I do, bu really, when i comes to guys, I'm a mess. I'm so insecure and I guess I get jealous really easily. For example, he didn't whatsapp me for the whole day today and I got insecure about it.

When he hangs out with female friends I get insecure and jealous even though I know that he had his life and friends before I came along so he should be hanging out with them.

Another thing, it's still way too early but I get upset when he doesn't hold my hand in front of other friends...


Anyway, whether these insecurities are justified or not, I will only drive him away or drive myself crazy. I also worry about all these things like how I should shuffle my timetable around when I start work etc..


Please let me know how I can be more secure and confident about myself.

I have no idea how a relationship works.

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First of all....expecting someone to do as you think they should do is a recipe for disaster. The only person you have ANY control over is yourself. Focus on your own actions and behaviors. Expecting someone to always hold your hand is very needy. Not everyone is into PDA's...that sounds more like a sign of ownership on your part.

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