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  1. This guy sounds gross. Not sure what your jealous of. Does he ever invite you out Or are you the pursuer in this friendship? Sorry but I didn’t read one positive thing that this guy offers you.
  2. Thank you all. I’m not shaking or anything but definitely get the “urge”...to take the edge off. I’ve been working out too..but night time is definitely a time I’m most likely to want to drink. Funny enough..I don’t usually even drink a huge amount...just two or three. I am going to a meeting this morning before work... Thank you all for your support.😁
  3. Thank you girls! I’m excited but I know there will be times I’ll slip. I’m trying to figure out exactly why I like to drink when I know it will not end well. I think it helps me calm my mind and not think about things I want to forget. Any suggestions on how to get past the physical withdrawals? I’ve heard eating something with sugar helps?
  4. Hi all. I made the decision to give up alcohol fairly recently. I’m not an every day drinker..but I binge drink and when I do I’m just not someone I like, and it scares me. Alcoholism runs in my family as well. I went to my second meeting today and I’m finding it to be a huge relief. I always heard of AA but never realized how these people just welcome you with no judgement..just understanding. I haven’t talked yet. I want to make it to at least 30 meetings and just listen.ive gotten a lot of numbers from the women and have them on standby. I love the honesty and tranparency of the me
  5. My suggestion is to go for the one who makes you excited...because the one who makes you comfortable can easily be friend zoned.
  6. Hi guys.. I know this seems a little petty but it’s bothered me for a very long time so I thought I’d write a subject about it . Since I was very young I have despised my name.. first and middle name.. and yes I know my mother gave it to me but I still don’t like it . I feel like my name doesn’t really suit me it’s very old-fashioned . I can probably live with my first name because everyone knows me by that name anyway but I was considering changing my middle name or even just dropping it altogether . To be honest I am estranged from my mother right now and I think it magnifies my feeli
  7. I’m not going to judge you because I was involved with a MM and have been open about it. Listen...no one is perfect. Most people are not going to empathize with someone involved in an affair, mainly because unless they have themselves done it, they feel immune to the possibility of it ever happening to them. Guess what...it happens a lot. More than people realize because humans are flawed. I beat myself up for a long time but I finally forgave myself because I too am flawed. I truly DID love the married man I was seeing and I believe he did love me. We did not end up together but I still think
  8. I’m going through the same thing right now, and believe me...talking to him just comforts HIM when the reality is he has no business expecting you to make him feel better!! Let him call a therapist or someone else. If you keep talking to him you’re actually helping him get over the relationship. Again, not your place to do so. I only advocate blocking someone’s number if they refuse to stop calling after you tell them to, or harassing you...in your case you have NOT been clear with him. You need to tell him to please leave you alone so you can move on. He can still call you from a blocked
  9. He apologized...and convinced me he loved me....,etc. I believed him.., Today I feel....neautral. I think it’s because my mind is set about what I want to do....when I’m busy I’m more inclined to feel neautral. It’s only been less than a week, so my feelings are going to be fluid.. I realize that. One minute I’m upbeat. The next I want to pull my hair out. I guess being psycho right now is normal..😁
  10. Almost the end of day two...and I’m actually struggling more than I thought I would. It’s been a busy day, but I guess it’s really hitting me for some reason. Part of me is really sad but part of me is kind of angry. I’ve been watching YouTube videos on breakups, which helps somewhat...I just wish I could speed up this process. I know it takes as long as it takes.i guess I can only stay busy for so long. It’s the downtime that gets me. Anyone else? One positive is that I don’t have the urge to contact him. Not yet. I have quite a stubborn streak that comes in handy sometimes...😁
  11. Thank you Dias... I just finished doing cardio and I’m full of energy lol. I also did a ton of cleaning this morning and I still have to go to work. I think staying busy is veryyyy important!
  12. I’m in NC right now ....trust me...for your own sanity and dignity, stop talking to your ex. He changed his mind about you because you accepted his offer of friend with benefits when you really wanted a relationship with him . That’s a low ball offer when you’re worth more than that!! I’ve been scouring YouTube looking at no contact videos when I get weak. They help a lot... I also started my own thread here, first step is to stop talking to your ex. He’s the source of your pain...talking to him won’t heal you!!
  13. @Cherylyn.. Thank you😊 I am taking the issue of drinking very seriously....I know fitness helps but I know it’s not going to work if I continue on this path. I am actually looking up meeting locations I can attend... that’s on my to do list this week!! I will definitely post about that.
  14. We both decided on the break...he did respond to my email and I didn’t answer because a response wasn’t warranted. Anyway..I’m a little sharper in my thinking because I was sleep deprived when I created this thread...so sorry if I’m kind of all over the place. I’m pretty certain this will be a “break up”...and yes I do intend on doing it as a way to heal. I also made this thread so anyone else doing NC would be able to share and relate...and just be able to vent if need be. I have no issue with sharing my thread for that. Today I’m awake early again.. my sleep pattern is way out of wh
  15. Nooooo .....different guy
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