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NEED URGENT ADVICE. I have to make a decison in 2 hours!


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This is my first post, so please bare with me. I just contacted my ex after a month of no contact, and I asked him if he wanted to meet to say goodbye in person as I'm moving to another state for a new job. He said he'd be willing to meet. However, his messages are so cold and borderline rude. I asked him if everything was ok and whether I'm bothering him or not, he said he's just busy with work. I asked him to call me, and he said he's busy now and he'll call me around lunch time. I also asked if he wants to reschedule and he stated that he would be very busy in the upcoming two weeks!!


I really love this guy and I think he's the one. He broke up with me because "he needs to focus o himself and doesn't want to be in a relationship". I am suspecting that he's dating a new girl (and hence the cold behavior). I still want him back, and I don't want to give up without a fight (I know most of you will think that I should move on, but I think this guy really deserves a fight). My questions are:


1. should I confront him about his cold behavior and demand explanations when he calls or should I just let it go and meet up with him?

2. should I ask about this girl? he said he didn't want a relationship in general, so why is he dating other people. The least thing I deserve after a long time of being together is honestly.


I am supposed to meet him tonight for coffee and will talk to him on the phone in about an hour or so.


Please please give me some advice. I don't know how to behave in this situation! I really want this guy back and he's behavior is a big concern for me now.


Thank you very much

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Urgent Answer:


You already have your answer. You don't need to see him. He is your EX.


Demanding anything from an ex is pointless because he doesn't owe you anything.

You won't get him back.

You have no right to question him about who he is dating.

You likely will NOT meet for coffee because he is going to shut you down when you talk to him.


HE IS YOUR EX. move on.

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1. don't confront him about anything, and don't meet up with him

2. don't ask about the girl. he doesn't owe you anything, despite how long you were together. if he decided to be in a relationship after saying otherwise, that's really his right, although I suspect he was just saying that while breaking up out of concern for your feelings.

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Ah, they classic busy excuse. That means it's over. Been there done that. My ex suddenly became really busy on me too. We used to live together and I know HIS SCHEDULE! So what changed after we started having problems? He suddenly became more busy because of work?? LOL


Let him go.

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