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Ok so.. me and a friend who ive known since i was in high school (im now 30) so known each other for 16 yrs slept together in Aug 2012 (approx a yr a half ago) and was basically sleeping with one another for 1 whole month. She left the country due to work commitments and she wanted to do long distance. All was well and then we broke up 2 months later (Long D never works - hardly ever anyhow) and went NC ever since.


So, i've learnt from mutual friends she was coming back (nov 2013) and also found out shes been hanging out at my fav local bar with some mutual friends. Ive never ran into her at all up until last week, bad timing i guess. Anyway, before all this i also heard she was mad at me.


When i saw her on saturday, i asked her if she wanted to get a drink and she angrily said no. (mind you this is my local bar - i come here at least once in the weekends and once in the mid-week so chances are bumping into me are likely). I asked her why she was pissed off at me. She said a couple of things


1. she in front of our mutual friends said "im not ur ex" so stop bragging that you went out with me.

2. She also said she was angry because i flaked her sister and played her and her sis both. (long story) i promised to buy her a new phone but didnt end up giving it to her.



now, i dont know why she hates me so much over a phone i promised to buy her when we were already going to end our relationship (this was back in 2012 oct).

Also, why would she say she isnt my ex when we were sleeping together for a whole month! with ppl even knowing about our relationship.. (well mostly my friends..)

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Sleeping together doesn't make her your ex, even if it's for a whole year. Doesn't sound like it's worth worrying about. Leave her alone.


i get ur point but we've been friends since we were 14!.. now both 30.. why over such a small thing?

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