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Spend too much time


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I am feeling a bit awkward - said I've stayed too long.


- my boy i've been seeing - we've spent last 3 days together pretty much nonstop Tues - Saturday together - cooked Thanksgiving just for the two of us...

..yesterday evening - he went for his night shift - he said i could stay over.


My family called me and they said my aunt has died - I was sad - and instead of going home and giving the boy some space - I stayed over - but I couldn't sleep - he came back middle of the night gave me sleeping pill but in the morning was very irritable. I was looking over his shoulder - he was doing emails - (I saw he emailed back a weird girl who asked for a doctor - whose email he said he erased).


He got very irritated - and he said he wanted some space, that he needs to have time to himself and to spend sat and sunday himself. And that i've stayed with him for 3 days now etc etc.


I never told him I stayed this last night because I wanted some company - I didn't want to mention my aunt's death - he deals with people's emotions all the time - he's a psychiatrist - and so I didn't really wanted to burden him.


I feel really awkward he had to tell me off - I have a bit of a problem of staying too long. He apologized for his irritability.


I was wondering whether I should email him something like that -" I stayed so much because of my aunt's death and that I didn't want to tell him because I didn't want him to ask any questions but that it affected me and that I could sleep..."


Should I? Would it make it better? I don't want to have acted strange... Or should I just leave him and not email anything?


I feel pretty bad...

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Thank you - so I didn't write to him - I posted about my aunt on my facebook - I know he checks so he'll read or has already.


Its been two days - I haven't heard from him...

..how long does it usually take for men to get over..time alone.?


I haven't reached out to him to see how he is. I haven't heard from him either. He hasn't posted on any social network we're part of - as he usually does...

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