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  1. It sounds completely toxic and the first 4 years weren't good, the whole thing sounds dysfunctional and awful. I hope you find the strength to say good bye for good and seek out some counseling to help you move past him and get a better perspective of yourself and your options in life. Hugs.
  2. Friends, family, recovery meetings, work, etc. What about in real life support? Start expanding your circle and using the resources you have available.
  3. STOP asking her for a second chance!! You probably push her away even further every time you do that, just stop already. Make a list of a bunch of things to do instead of degrading yourself like this. When you feel the urge come on to start obsessing over her, make yourself do something else (go for a walk, take a shower, take a nap, call a friend, cook, bake, run, go get some coffee, go to a meeting, write in a journal, get on here and read people's stories and offer help, volunteer somewhere, etc). This has worked for me, hopefully it can help you, too.
  4. It sounds like you need to create your life to revolve around you and your son, NOT NOT NOT about showing her that you care. No more showing her that you care. You care about your son and you are his dad and you need to redirect your thoughts to making a good life for YOU and your son, NOT her. Keep working hard, exercise, go to NA meetings and activities, go out with friends, get involved in a new hobby that you've always been interested in, etc. Stay busy and focus on building a new life without her. What is your visitation with your son? I'd suggest instead of doing a family dinner once
  5. I absolutely don't think this is "normal". First of all, I don't think it's normal to have to tell each other every time you view porn. I also think it's VERY abnormal to only have sex twice in 4 months!! No matter how tired and busy you are!! Huge red flag there's a massive problem, imo. I have no way of knowing if it's an addiction BUT from what she's said it appears he prefers porn over sex which indicates a problem.
  6. How much stock do I put in it? None I'm a Pisces, my bf of nearly 5 years is a Sagittarius. I've had long term relationships with a Scorpio (which was supposed to be a good match for me), Leo and Libra.
  7. There is no easy answer in how to walk away. You just have to do it and be FIRM. You need to be 100% committed to breaking things off with him so no amount of begging or refusing can sway you in your decision. You may even need to find another job.
  8. hahaha!!!! But seriously, I have this question also...if it's just a corner of a wrapper, how do you know for sure it's a condom wrapper?
  9. I agree with sophie274 here. You haven't communicated with him in OVER a MONTH, this relationship is over. Yes, he ended it in a crappy, disrespectful way but you can't change that. I'm so glad you're keeping busy...now you just need to ACCEPT that it's over. Talk to your friends about it to get some support. Make sure your friends know you two have broken up and this isn't just a break. Also stop the thoughts that tell you to worry that it's too late and you wish you could have changed things. The reality is no matter how you responded, this break up was inevitable. You can't change it now
  10. Have a girl's night out and turn off your phone when he goes out and then go stay in a hotel so he can't wreck your day. Go directly to work from hotel or if you have the day off, sleep in, enjoy your morning, have some coffee and a late breakfast, stroll in when you want to.
  11. It sounds like there's no use in contacting his ex because you have the same group of friends and everyone knows he cheated on her repeatedly. I don't believe that once a cheater always a cheater but in this case I would bet lots of money that this guy WILL cheat again and I wouldn't trust him. He's a repeat offender. Like the others said this is a lack of integrity and values on his part and that won't change anytime soon and probably never. Your friend will find out the hard way.
  12. You are fighting a losing battle. I'm sorry. I know it's a hard thing to come to terms with but it sounds like you are better off without him. This will not get better, trust me. Time to stop banging your head against a brick wall.
  13. The point of it was I not that I was sick is that he leaves me all the time. Which is why I strongly STRONGLY suggest you make a life for yourself outside of this guy (make friends, find a hobby, etc.)
  14. Start by making some friends at school and make plans with them on the weekends so you aren't stuck alone in the house all weekend. Start living your own life. He can get his own water, he can make his own dinner, etc. Focus on yourself and making new friends and finding a hobby outside of school. Seriously...you're wasting your life by letting it revolve around this guy. Take care of yourself. You're sick right now, take a hot bath, rest and quit putting energy on worrying about him and what he's doing. No amount of begging or pleading or drama will get him to change. Do what you can to e
  15. He's not on the lease so get the landlord and police involved to get him out. He has no claim to your apartment...NONE. Of course he doesn't want to break up. He has free access to a car, no bills or rent to pay and an easy way to get some free money. He has the good life right now. This is SO WRONG!! Call the landlord and get their back up to get him out of there ASAP, then block, delete and never talk to this loser again. Hugs!!
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