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Question for the ladies.


I have been asking my lady to try anal sex for a couple of years. I think it is the ultimate turn on. How many of you ladies either tried this or do it on a regular basis? How did you first try it? Any paticular things you did to get past that first time? I would really like to ease her into it but she is so reluctant, saying she don't want to end up with an anus like the porn stars.

Any advice appreciated.

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AGREED morky!!


Why do you think it's a turn on?? That's where faeces come out of man! EIW>>>>


Besides that, it might be pleasurable for a man, but i don't think it would be pleasurable for the woman... IMO, it would be quite uncomfortable.


The anus is not meant to be for sex anyways. It does not produce lubrication and you can actually creak some nerves in there (i heard)... It is very painful... One of my friends have done it and said it killed!

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It can be enjoyable if one, you don't rush right into it. You have to use alot of lubricant. And you have someone who knows what they are doing.


If she is reluctant start out slowly with using your fingers then work her up gradually. If done right it can be very erotic.


And women are always reluctant about this subject, they seem to think guys are just going to pound them. If you slow things down maybe you won't scare her to death.

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Anal can be very enjoyable for a woman, but you do have to take your time.


There are a couple mucles in the anus that will "automatically" cause pain when you are going in, so the key is she has to learn to relax, and wait for the 10 seconds for the pain to pass and then it is not so bad at all, and even is pleasurable...there are a LOT of nerves there that can trigger some very good feelings.


Slow is key though, and to start off you should use LOTS of lube, fingers, and you can even buy sexy toys that are designed to introduce someone to anal play. And lots and lots of foreplay. I mean LOTS.


I like it, but it does take time (especially if the guy is well endowed) and I tend to only do it with a guy I am very comfortable with and in a long term relationship with as the trust level has to be there. But it can be very very erotic and sensual, I get tremendous orgasms with anal play.


But, if she is resistant, don't push her. Some women just don't like it...or the idea of it. And no, she will not end up like the porn stars unless you don't take your time and as long as you are not ALWAYS doing anal.

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I think that a lot of guys would love to experience anal sex. As for the dirty aspect of it, there are ways to control it. It is doubtfull my women will ever try it as much as I would love to, but I respect her and we'll leave it at that.

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Well here's a thought: if it's so gross and wrong, why can it feel SOOO good? Huh? And you think it's disgusting because that's where feces come from? Girls bleed every month out of the NORMAL place that guys stick their body parts in! I don't hear any complaints about that!


Not only is there blood but the other stuff


Also, oral is very popular with almost everyone, but the mouth has the most bacteia of all holes So think about that.


Not disagreeing with the people who dont want to do it, its your choice.

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How can anal be pleasurable tho?? I guess i won't find out unless i try it...


I still stand on just vaginal sex...


You should use every hole for sex. I mean, you already have the mouth, the vagina and even the boobs. Isnt that enough! nasty! lol

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LOL! That's actually a VERY good question! There's actually a gland up in there that is very sensitive. Sometimes it can lead to a better orgasm than a g-spot orgasm! In fact... Am I right in recalling that THAT is what they refer to as the male g-spot? I can't remember.... But still, the gland is there and it is worth it!


I also say that, hey! If you're not comfortable with it, don't do it! I guess I just don't like being called nasty for my sexual practices! LOL!

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LOL! That's actually a VERY good question! There's actually a gland up in there that is very sensitive. Sometimes it can lead to a better orgasm than a g-spot orgasm! In fact... Am I right in recalling that THAT is what they refer to as the male g-spot? I can't remember.... But still, the gland is there and it is worth it!


I also say that, hey! If you're not comfortable with it, don't do it! I guess I just don't like being called nasty for my sexual practices! LOL!


Yup, I have very very powerful orgasms with anal sex and/or play - and often stronger than g-spot ones...and combined with clitoral stimulation and wow....I do really get turned on with anal WITH the right guy...I have had some bf's I just would not do it with as I need to really feel they will be patient, and I truly only like it in a loving, close relationship.


The first time you do it or even couple, at first it can feel a bit of pain, but you have to just have the guy go really slow, and hold and the pain will go away in a few seconds.

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I hear you Raykay. My ex only let me try it once and I went so slow that 10 minutes later I wasn't even half-way in yet. I did everything by the book -- tons of lube, foreplay, finger a little to looser her up, and even the correct position. Yes, apparently the position that keeps the anal ring the most relaxed is missionary. Apparently doggy is the worst as her butt is tighter and more restrictive. I say "worst" in terms of possible pain for the woman, but doggy is probably better to do after you've done missionary as a warmup. Anyway, that was the only time I ever tried it and she had my pull out long before I'd even done a few small strokes. I think the idea of it was just too much for her to handle rather than the pain.

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I feel sort of bad because I have a conditoon near my tail bone that is reoccurring. My boyfriend is really turned on by anal, and although I've never done it before with anyone, I am not opposed to trying it with him. But I am very apprehensive about it due to my condition. If ANYTHING goes wrong, I might literally be stuck in bed, unable to walk. I wanna be able to experiment with him and I really wanna do this, but I'm scared!

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I second that, Morky. Your bf is one helluva lucky guy, PA.


In response to your post though, you can ride him on top while he is on his back and that shouldn't pose a problem for your tailbone (if you were worried about doggy position anal).

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well, my husband really enjoys anal. I tend to not. to me it feels like I am taking a poo without the control. Sorry to be gross, but its true. Although I don't like it that much, after a couple of times it does feel a bit better, but I wouldn't pressure her into doing it because remember it may feel great for you but is she enjoying it? If she doesn't like it then be respectful. 8)

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I would really like to try anal... I'm nervous, but really intrigued by the idea of it. I don't know if I'll like it, but I figure the only way to find out is to try...


My guy and I have gone down on each other, and we've had sex, and recently when he was fingering me he also put one of his fingers up *there*... and to be honest I quite enjoyed it. Like some of the other girls have posted, I orgasmed powerfully from just that anal play.


So anal has really interested me recently... just wondering from anyone their opinions on this, what to do, what not to do... thanks guys!!!!

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im sorry but i think anal is disgusting!!i would never NEVER let my bf do that to me!!

I agree I'm no fan of something going up my anus. That's where sh!t exits. But one thing I do know is that the hole will go back to its normal size eventually.


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The best thing imo is to finger her there bc if she hasn't done it before she will be really tight and it will be painful for her. lube would probably be a good idea, and just be slow and make sure you listen to her. it may be something you have to just try a little at a time, until eventually she is used to it enough to actually have anal sex. As for her worries about the size of her anus afterwards: kegels: exercises to keep your vagina tight, and strengthen your vaginal muscles, i'm pretty sure than when a woman does these that it helps with the anus too. best of luck.



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I for one am a kinky girl and am not afraid to admit it. I will try almost anything with my bf. Anal is great; if the both of you are into it; and if done with the right precautions (ie. lube and condom). What feels good to one partner might not feel good to the other. But don't pressure her into anything that she doesn't want to do, it's not right.

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A woman who enjoys anal almost universely enhances her sex appeal with men. Some of you are grossed out by it but if the area if cleaned, an enema is given, and it is cleaned out, there is nothing gross about it. After all we touch things all the time that something gross has touched there before. You have to be cautious about it, but it is really a turn on for most men. I want to try it badly at somepoint with a girl (friend). Iwould never do it with someone I wasnt in a long term relationship with but those are really the only types of relationships I like anyway. As a man it appeals to me because there is something so forbidden and primordial -- and yet she would be showing me a lot of trust and sexual submission. (plus it is probably tight) I think that's kinda cool.

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