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  1. Hey man count your blessings. If my women had fantasies of sleeping with another lady I would promote it in hopes I may be able to join them some day. What a turn on this would be. My lady has this thing about doing a hung black guy of which I am all for if they allow me to tape it.
  2. The way I see it, if you are going to be permiscuous you mind as well get paid for it. Check with the local hookers and see what the going rates are. Just be sure you protect yourself. Great way to earn a little extra income with no "Back Taxes" ;-)
  3. Well for the record it does exist. My wife can squirt regularly when we have sex. This only started since her mid 30's. One night she was on top and "BAM" she shot all over me and she has been doing it ever since. Don't know what happened but I love it.
  4. Did anyone ever hear tell of somebody selling a used "dildo"???? There was one on Ebay a while ago but who in their right mind would use it? Even I have standards, as low as they are.
  5. Great subject. I have erotic dreams every other night. Most are of me and other women besides my lady but some are even with other men. I am not gay by any means but I do have these dreams. I think it is natural. More to the point, how many people think about another lady/man when riding their girl/boy friends?
  6. I don't know about any great difference in average size of Black guys vs white guys but I do know that the black guys have dongs that are much straighter than whites. Whites tend to have an upward turn when hard as where white dudes can be used for a ruler. BTW, my wife falls weak for black hammers ;-)
  7. I hope this is more politicly correct for our moderators. Squeeze his testicals when you perform oral on him. That will get a reation. ;-)
  8. to the married people here, what have you done to spruce up your sex life. ASfter 20 years of trying things we need something different. Any suggestions?
  9. I bet you shorts were wet when you woke up eh? ;-)
  10. Hey dinohunter_66 , I know what you mean. I have had the same fantasies of my wife doing other guys. I just attribute it to some kinda twisted turn on. If you are comfortable with it I see nothing wrong with it so long as a rubber is used. Also over time maybe they will let you watch or video it for future entertainment.
  11. My wife and I have a great sex/social life. Recently we have discussed joining a swingers group. A very close friend of mine has been involved for this past 10 years and says it will be a great expierience for both me and my wife. (I suspect he really wants to get at my wife as he has google eyes for her) Question? Although I find the thought of my wife pleasing another man very erotic, do you thing this may change to jelousy and cause trouble in our relationship? We both have seen other people over the years during short seperations but I am unsure how I would react to playing the "keys" game. What a delema
  12. I think that our former grand poo-bah Mr Bill Clinton set the definition whether oral is actual sex or not. He said it wasn't as well as cigar incertions and ejaculating all over that intern of his. So no, if it is good enough for our president, who are we to say different
  13. I would never let my lady put a cover on my lover. Even if she asked it would ruin the moment and it would be pointless to continue. She once said if hygene was an issue she would never gob my nob. Go figure.
  14. Condoms and your black book to make sure she knows she isn't the only game in town.
  15. Get rid of her man, it only gets worse with age.
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