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Burnt out and not sure where to go nor what to do


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Basically I have zero friends and a job that I can't stand that I've been at for two years this month. I hate it. The problem is that A) it is paying my car payment and food, etc. while I am living with my parents; B) it is flexible with my schedule at school; C) I have grown emotionally attached to some of these acquaintances.. they're all I have in my life (no friends, girlfriend) and I don't want to start over. I am so sad right now because I am torn about what I need to do.


Partially, I am venting but I am looking for others who can relate. I appreciate your time.

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If you are in school it might just be best to stick with that place until you are finished. You are 23, so are you a senior this year?


I worked at a place for over 4 years. I liked it sometimes, but wasn't crazy about the management. Some of my coworkers were okay, others (again), I wasn't so crazy about. But they scheduled me around school which was the priority. I considered a lot of my coworkers friends but realized they didn't really give a flip when they all (but two) declined attending my wedding and didn't really care when I deployed to Afghanistan. I realized, why should I care so much about maintaining these "friendships" if they don't even consider me a friend? Something to think about.


You could look around for another job. It might be hard to find a place that is flexible with your hours, but if you can work in the time to apply and interview around your current school and work schedule, you might as well give it a try. But if you don't find anything I think you should just suck it up a bit longer.

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I have a couple years left. I just don't want to leave some of those people because it's like they're all I've got in terms of anything resembling friendship. I feel like I can't win either way because if I stay I will wear myself down more emotionally (if that is possible), but If I leave I will not have money and will miss those people dearly. Thanks for reading alli and others, I am having a difficult time dealing with this.

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The odds are you will find some semblance of friendship in another job. Heck, you might find "actual" friends.


I know exactly what you're talking about because I've felt like that with every job I've had. I felt like I was sort of friends with them and it was hard to ever want to leave any job because of that. But I can tell you that there is no job I have ever had where I haven't felt that way. You will probably find the same type of thing no matter where you go work.

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