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Should i ask her out? Help me.!?

Rohit Kumar

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There is this girl in my class who i started liking. Initially i dint speak to her but she became a good friend of mine( i think so).We dont get time much to speak in college but lately i talk a lot on whats app with her.


She talks to me about many thing and i feel very comfortable sharing anything with her.She shares her problem to me and if she sense that i am also feeling blue she asks me that i am fine or not.She told me about her breakup and her relationship wasnt working out.She sometimes say that i understand her.Two days back i just asked for a casual meet up,she was busy that day but she said that she will meet if she get time.She couldnt meet and she kept apologizing to me.

But most of the times i am the one who start the conversation which creates doubt in my mind.I have been in a similar situation before and when i asked the girl out i dint get the answer i expected.This killed me.This is one of the reason i am very critical and right now i am trying not to get much attached to her so that it doesnt hurt if i dont get the answer i expect.

She is a nice person and good by heart and she is nice to everyone,so i think what if she just being nice with me.I never had a girlfriend before in my life but being rejected 3 times and i am afraid of getting hurt.

I am 21,she is 22....I dont know what to do?..What will you suggest??

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Just treat her like you normally do. she said she was busy - but she talks to you a lot. She knows you want to do something, so you can either just let her tell you when she is free or ask again to something in a few weeks and see if she bites. I think if you are in college she could genuinely busy. I wouldn't play games and don't ignore her, but i would see if she initiates conversation sometimes too. Don't turn the other way on her, maybe smile when you see her to give her the green light, but then wait and see sometimes if she initiates as well.


Also, keep in mind if a girl pours her heart out to a guy she is not in a relationship with about her relationship, she wil do the same about your relationship with someone else.


also, keep in mind she might be hurting about her breakup and knows you want to hang out but don't push. She might not reciprocate for awhile.


If you do hang out with her, if that goes well, i would quickly ask her out on a date - dinner or a movie, etc, so she knows your intentions and doesn't assume you only want friendship

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