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  1. Yeah, that's the one. And there was a woman who'd told her kids "If mommy's playing with her dolls, don't come-a-knockin'"... Kinda makes my family seem normal XD
  2. While we're on (off) the subject, what I did find creepy, while watching a documentary on "real dolls", was a guy who bought one, took pics of him doing it with it in bondage scenarios, then photoshopped his third-ex-wife's head onto the pics. A rubber vagina on a stick has nothing on that.
  3. There's a fine line between judgmental and fiercely opinionated.
  4. That's a bit disparaging... I've seen a vag or two I would describe the same way
  5. Doesn't that sound a bit sterile? Mebbe it's just me though... TBH, I'd just enjoy it til you want something more, then I'm sure you can think of a way to erm, to semi-steal off servedcold, get his blood pumping lol...
  6. It's like a sport. If you read everything there was to know about soccer, or table tennis, you'd still get your butt handed to you by the local under-13s team. The only thing that really helps is practice, and if you don't have someone experienced to teach you, you'll be learning lazy/bad habits, which will do you noe good. Exactly.
  7. Epic fail is sneezing while clipping your beard and having to shave and start from scratch because you carved a chunk out of it. You didn't fail, you just stumbled a little (and only a little, believe it or not). She's into you. Ask for her number next time you see her, and then you've got a private line, so you'll find it easier. Organise something, and you know what? don't worry about what the congregation thinks. You've got nothing to be embarrassed about, and chances are they're just curious.
  8. My advice would honestly be to call her and explain what you said in your PS. NC is for when you need time out of contact to re-evaluate, but if the only problem in your relationship has been lack of contact, then I'd really advise you t try and fix it. Four months isn't that long, and I think that it would b a waste if you both decided to move on just because of this.
  9. One on one tuition would be very expensive, I'd imagine. If you want to learn a martial art, I'd try a group session anyway, you might like it. If you want to learn how to fight, try a bouncer's course. Most martial arts classes I've seen/been to teach you discipline, correct striking techniques, and forms to help you learn those techniques, but unless you get to a high level or skill, it's not very practical. (I did karate ("non-contact", sparring was for points only, kinda like epee fencing) for a year and a half, and it was a lot of fun, as well as good excercise) Courses like
  10. I got close to a friend I'd known for about 5-6 years a few months back, and because I didn't want her to think that my agenda was messing around/sex (it wasn't), I waited for signals from her before I did anything. It was just because I respected her, and didn't want her to think I just "had my eyes on the prize", and didn't want to hurt her. It was te right aproach (in this instance at least), we split cuz she moved for uni - yet another reason, I didn't want to be racing against the clock.
  11. Unfortunately, it's not something you're gonna get any recognition for... The thing that helps more than anything else is inding a group you're comfortable in... Unfortunately, since my friends all moved for uni, I'm still trying to figure out how to do that. How old are you? And just out of interest, does the name "hugrass" ring a bell? A you just have the same name as a friend's cousin is all...
  12. Competition time: 7yo - anyone start younger? :splat: Are you telling me you've masturbated most of the known world lol? O.o
  13. I've been there - still am, to a certain extent, and I know how hard it is to make that step if you're shy/socially awkward to start with. You find things difficult that others don't, but that's not something you can do anything about. What you can do is push yourself to keep trying, and it sounds like you're gradually getting there. There's no shame in it. Your friend doesn't understand how difficult it is because to her, socialising seems like the most natural thing in the world. Tell her not to make apologies, because she shouldn't be doing it - if you're in a group and not tal
  14. Fair enough. I'm sorry things are hard for you atm...
  15. For sure... Just out of interest, do you still think you should be on break? Have you considered getting back together?
  16. I've gotta say, I haven't read them lately =P but from the casual glances I've had, I wouldn't bother with a sexual SWOT if I were you, some of the stuff in there is cringeworthy, though I suppose other guys could go for that kinda stuff, I don't know. I'd tend to ask him - that way you'll be more in tune with what turns him on.
  17. To be honest, in a girl I value enthusiasm and ability to be pleasured over experience and sex-tricks. Just enjoy yourself and you'll be fine, and if you want to learn how to pleasure him better, ask him to teach you. Just make sure he's as interested in pleasing you
  18. I wouldn't know (funny, that), but it depends on the parents and the society they're in, if what i've seen is anything to go by. And even amongst the abstinence-only crowd, the emphasis seems to be more on making kids terrified of sex, rather than trying to fight a biological urge that's been there since the dawn of time. I thought that was supposed to stereotype marriage, rather than women? True enough, but in another sense, it's angling toward what the public want. Society is changing, and not for the better. The media is just responding to that change. Depends on
  19. I think that sometimes the person who initiated a breakup and wants to still be friends forgets that the other person's feeling mightn't have changed a much as theirs - they may want to be friends, but forget that their partner might not have wanted to just "go back". I think it's impossible to ignore all that history, I'm very close friends with my ex, and the fact that we loved each other definitely makes us closer (she had to move away, so it's probably not applicable to most circumstances, but still)... You ok?
  20. Bullcrap, Wolfie =P Surely 95% of guys would want their gf/whatever to really want it? I mean, there's a difference between a girl that sleeps around and a girl who loves sex, and the latter is fantastic. Which brings me to my problem with this poll: Where's the option for Guys: I was quiet at age 16, by girlfriend was an animal (in a good way), and had no choice in the matter? =D
  21. I'd say if your guy isn't complaining, you gotta be doing it right as far as teeth go... From personal experience, I'd say that what you REALLY want to avoid more than anything is pinching skin between teeth... Trust me VV My experience isn't exacty amazing either, given that I'm 1:1 on BJs:Scars =X
  22. Yeah, I hate those "men"... Seriously... guys, ladies, amirite? Is it really such a bad thing? Even if things don't go well, free dinner, eh? I've gotta throw it out there, why is it that if a girl and a guy are having sex without commitment, it's always the guy's fault? (Not talking specifically here, because OP, your guy needs to be clearer on what he wants, but still) I mean, I'm pretty sure girls enjoy sex too, and believe it or not, can use guys for sex in much the same way.
  23. Just ask him straight out if he wants a real relationship with you. I know it's hard, but it's the best way... If he says yes, great. if no, then you gotta weigh up whether it's worth the future pain to keep sleeping with him.
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