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Do You Believe In Soul Mates?


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Do you remember when you were single and wondered is there anyone out there for you? Remember when you were treated wrong in relationships, and all you could do is cry because you thought that the person you were with was the one for you? Do you believe in Soul Mates?


I used to didn't believe in having a soul mate. Infact, I didnt really believe in love even though I really wanted to until I found the girl of my dreams. I would listen to everyone tell me "Do not search for love". Love will come to you if you don't give up on your faith. I kept that faith after many relationships of being cheated on and lied to in every one of them. Sometimes you just gotta move on to bigger and better things.



When you think of a Soul Mate, you think of someone that gives you everything you possibly need in a relationship with no hesitation of giving back to their needs. Strong communication, love, and happiness. All you do is think about him/her. The things he/she does to make you smile and more...


If you really think about it, even if you are single right now and don't believe it, you must believe it and you shouldn't give up your faith. There is someone out there for everyone. Everyone has their own beliefs, but even people that didn't believe in soul mates at first...Now that they found that special person in their life. It has changed their view on all things.


If you believe you have found your soul-mate. Don't treat him/her wrong. You dont want to mess up something that is special. You don't want to miss out your opportunity to someone else. When you believe you have found your soul-mate, don't let them go.

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I been down that road plenty of times. You have to pick up the pieces of your broken heart and give them to someone that will repair it for you. Don't just pick any random girls man, go for a girl that really wants you in her life. There are so many girls in this world that you can choose from, and there are plenty of girls that are in your position right now. Just dont give up on you faith..

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Well NinjaLink I agree with you, and xxbatmanxx I've been were your at once before. I was in many relationships that ended with me being cheated on, or dumped do to some irrational reason (such as "your too nice", "your too funny", "you don't talk enough", "you talk too much" and all that other crap someone would say to make it sound like it's your fault). At one point I finally thought I was in love, didn't really think the person was my soulmate, but was willing to give this girl the chance. All that happened was the same as before, I was dumped for her ex and left wondering why there are no nice, genuine girls out there, ones that wouldn't lie to me and just step all over my heart. I even took your same stance, I finally just gave up. I told myself I wasn't even going to bother with girls, and just dedicate my time to school work and hanging out with my friends. Then it happened. A year after I made that commitment to myself, I met a girl who changed everything. At that time I wasn't looking for love, or even a relationship, but it was looking for me. I gave it a chance, and now 2 years later I could never be happier. I know that this girl is my soulmate, as NinjaLink had stated, this girl just completes me in every possible way, even in ways I never thought possible. Their is no way to fully describe how you feel when you find your soulmate, but when you do you understand how such a large amount of love could never be expressed with our primitive language. So as Ninja said, don't give up, just be willing to pick up those broken pieces and see if someone out there will come in and help put it back together. And for batman, well I hope for the best for you, since I've been there and I didn't want to hear people talk about "true love" and "soulmates" either, I thought it was a load of crap too. But one day things will change, and they will change for the better, you just have to willing to allow things to change. One of the hardest things for a human to do is change, since change takes you away from your "comfort zone", but without change you wont have progress. Just some food for thought.

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I'm in the position right now where I'm starting to seriously evaluate how I am in relationships. All it comes down to is that I'm "too nice" and "too sweet" and the men around me don't value me until I'm gone. Then they're moving hills around to have another chance with me. By then it's too late as I've moved on to bigger and better things.


I do still believe in finding "the one" and I'm not going to lose hope but it's hard to find people (men) that won't play games. I guess all I have to say is that you can't lose hope because of what others have done to you. We all have our destiny set forth and just need to have patience till that "one" comes along. Congratulations Ninjalink for finding yours!! Don't mess it up!!



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I used to believe there was one special person made for you until I read this and it makes sense.. There are many soul mates for you in a lifetime, and each one compliments you at different points in your life, for as a teenager you are different than in adult relationship, it said, to be completed by only person doesnt give you room to grow as a individual. So I believe God places people in your life for a reason..

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Here's the thing: people who give up on love are hiding. The reason I say this is that being hurt is part of life. Trying to avoid it is silly- what will it accomplish. To become a strong person, you have to learn to face the world and deal with the pain that you often suffer. That phrase "that which does not kill us makes us stronger"... That's true! If you can make it through the toughest times and come out alright, you're a very strong person. But it takes time and endurance.


I've been hurt too many times to count... By boyfriends, friends, family, and strangers as well. I wanted to give up... A LOT! But I didn't. And now, because I was willing to be patient and work through it, I'm happier than I've ever been. And I can honestly say that if my current relationship doesn't work out I'll be alright. Sure, I'll be crushed, but I'll be able to move on and eventually find happiness. Don't give up. Don't try to hide from the inevitable.

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PAdreamer is absolutely right. Those who give up on love are just trying to shield themselves from the pain and lonliness that love can sometimes bring. It's easier to become jaded and bitter then to work through the hate and realize that every tear that falls, every lonely day that goes by is one day closer to eventually finding the right person for you. To many people in life expect everything to be all sunshine and love. The want to feel happy and have the good things in life without accepting the bad. But pain and sadness are a part of life. It is the pain that makes happiness so special. Afterall, how can we truly value happiness and true love when it comes along unless we can feel how much better things are now then they were before.


I still believe that soulmates exist. Somewhere out there is someone who completes us, someone who understands us like no one else. It may be hard to find that person and you may be discouraged by all the false alarms. But that's what makes everything so much more wonderful when we do find our soulmates and realize that all the pain was worth it to get to your one true love. Hang in there, have faith, and don't give up.

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I know of some people who are in their late 30's and early 40's who have never really been in a serious relationship. But one has to question whether these people are actually making an effort to put themselves out there where they can meet others. My belief is that if you just wait at home for someone to come knocking at your door, you're in for a major disappointment. I believe you could meet several people you could be compatible with, so long as you become involved in activities and other things to increase your chances. You have to make the effort to help yourself. As Jefferson once said, "The harder I try, the more luck I seem to have."

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Let me clarify my views. I don't think that "soul mates" and "lovers" are always the same person. You can have a really close friend that you have that same string connection with, but there doesn't have to be any romance for them to be your soul mate. If your soul mate and your lover happen to be the same person, I'd say you lucked out. That is somewhat rare, in my opinion.


But no, I don't believe that "love" and "soul mates" are automatically connected.

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I believe soul mates exist. I believe soul mates doesn't have to be your romantic partner. I think the strong connection with someone doesn't have to be your spouse.


I have met one who I believe could be a soul mate for me, and it isn't my spouse, just one who he and I have a strong intellectual affinity; I have felt close to this individual.



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I think that the whole mentality of a soulmate being a "destined" person is wrong. To me I believe a soulmate is someone who you can connect with on a "spiritual" level. For most people they only gain a physical or mental (or both) connection with the person they are with. These connections are good and keep relationships healthy. But in some rare occasions you meet a person that you also connect with in a spiritual way. To me that person is your "soulmate", someone in who you can feel a physical, mental, and now spiritual connection with. These connections are very strong when all three are present, and those relationships are usually the ones that last the longest and make other peopel jealous (ie "how are you two such a happy couple?", and so on). I don't think it's destiny that you were meant to be with that person, but I also believe that God will guide you to that person that makes you happy (He did for me, and lead to the woman I'm with now who I feel is my "soulmate"). Well I don't know if this makes any sense, sometimes it's hard to put thoughts into words, but just something that came to my mind when reading this thread.

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Iono ive never really believed in the whole soulmate thing but maybe thats because my mind is so negative.Cause most of the time it thinks that ill never get a gf but that frame of mind is just from friends saying i will never get a gf.So my comment is very confusing.Because iono if its my negativity talking or me just thinking its not true iono

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Maybe, none of them knows what a soulmate actually is.


Seems to me that people here have different definitions.


...someone you're destined to be with.

...a person with whom you have a strong affinity or kindred spirit; a strong bond.


Frankly, I think it's someone you aren't necessarily destined to be with, but it can be. You can have a strong bond with someone and have a lot in common, but you aren't destined to be together.




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Think you are right there 11flower.


Personally, I know when I think I have met someone who I could sense would be a soul mate.


It's quite simple really. I workout in the gym a lot. To much really and that is even with two other hobbies on the go and work....


I know when I have met someone special when I want to stop pumping iron so much and spend more and more time with her. I will be working out one day and suddenly think to myself, what am I doing here? I should be with her. Then I will know. She will be the one who gets me out the gym and so far no lass has done that or even come close. Not yet. But one day it will happen and it won't be down to fate either....



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