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Need advice on new boyfriend!

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Hi -


This may seem silly in light of other problems posted on this board, but I need some help!!


I'm in a new (3 month) relationship and I want to make the holidays really special. So - I need suggestions on what to give my boyfriend, as well as how much I should spend. I want to impress him, but I don't want to freak him out. As for where we are emotionally, he confessed last weekend that he might be falling in love with me, and we've been seeing each other nearly every day.


He's a guy with good taste (food and wine lover), he's athletic, loves the outdoors, is very social and fun to be around. Any ideas???


Thank you SO MUCH.

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Well he likes food and wine, take him on christmas eve or what ever night to a fancy resturant or to a wine tasting. Then u said he likes outdoors, go for a walk in the snow, or if no snow is avaliable, go look at the stars together. Some citys have horse rides in the local parks in the evening. Do something like that. Something romantic, and a little different.


Then go back to your place and have a special oufit. Maybe some wine, you said he likes that. Then just exchange gifts. And see where it goes.

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be creative!!!


your man seems to have many good qualities, so expirement. if you have pictures of you and him together, get together a little scrap book, nothing to fancy, just somthing you and him can enjoy looking at by a fire christmas eve...or my personal favoright....sledding, or snowmobiling, i took my bf snowmobiling and it was unbelieveablel...its always nice to smoke ur boyfriend at somthing thats a mans sport...lol...well just have fun with it.

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