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Trying with little support from Girl


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I had posted on here before i feel like i am a yo yo with all the ups and downs in my relationship. I try so hard and feel I am the one who is getting the brunt of her miserable anger and mood swigs. I try to let her go but she comes back always and like a fool I take her back. I seen a therapist and He has advised me that she may have BPD I see all the signs of this in her and I want to help her with her anxiety issues but she refuses to believe she has any problems. I had wrote o here about 3 weeks ago on when she slapped me in the face because she was pissed that her friend took a job that she refused to take and then gets hurt when her friend takes job? I often get upset with her because she still works with this ex boyfriend of hers who is a doctor and I think she is miserable because he is married and they dated for 5 years and He would ot marry her they had counseling and everything. I was at her house yesterday and we watched a movie she stated her ex was cold and un emotional I asked her why did you stay with him for so long she instantly got pissed off she started telling me none of my ****ing business and told me to not touch her no hugs no cuddles and i act like a kid I need attention and she can't give me hugs and kisses. I said why are you getting mad I did not say this to upset you just asked a question she told me bull **** i was trying to start something i said no I am not she refused to sleep in the bed with me I said i can leave she says no I will sleep on couch. Everything bothers her she takes lexapro and refuses to think she has problems. I told her we can go to counseling she says it's all my fault I am the problem when earlier she tells me she loves me so much?She gets so pissed off and holds grudges she hates her job and she for some reason continues to stay in the dept. with her ex for some reason? i don't see why she does not leave and transfer to another unit? I am at my wits end. i have dated other woman before and never got yelled at for wanting a hug or a kiss. She refuses to tell her family she is talking to me because she said so many bad things about me that I probably come off like the devil which I most certainly am not at all. I think I need to just let her go i need support but I love her or at least i think i do but she has such horrible mood swings and when she gets pissed off she holds on to it forever always blaming me I am her doormat. I need advice how can I do this I am a firefighter who loves animals and very kind to people all of which she is not she is not. I constantly feel beneath her (inferior) and i don't know why i have a house money saved and I bring love to the table she lives at her sisters condo and supports her 30 year old brother who wants to be a cop who never worked a day in his life and states it's because her mom had a stroke before and she speaks little english she is serbian I don't know what to do she always tells me about guys she has had sex with before and trust me she is not a bikini model by any means i work out everyday and want somebody happy and sincere and foremost loving. what? should I do I get so downed out and she I think enjoys this. I need to take back my life let her live in her own self sorrow.

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Sounds like the relationship has run it's course. You two are not compatible. She has anger/depression issues and she treats you like a doormat constantly. You shouldn't have to put up with being spoken too like that. I would have ended it the moment she slapped me.


I think you already know you don't want to spend the rest of your life with someone that is pretty much emotionally abusive towards you.


Let her go. Her behavior is unacceptable.

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