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  1. I honestly think her hormones are off. I am. Ot a doctor but I have many female friends who have told me this may be the issue. I understand it is tough to go through but I can't be the punching bag.
  2. I may for sure. I get yelled at by her because she says I don't ask her about her father but then when I ask her she gets emotional then pissed off. I see a therapist and he says that I should just stay clear of asking her and if she gets upset to tell her "I don't want to upset you as I have noticed before while asking" and then leave it at this. She has a lot to deal with as her family does nothing to help her out with anything. I try my best but I sure cannot change her circumstances.
  3. I ask her about her father all the time. I am sorry he died but I cannot change this. I feel if she wants to talk about it she would bring him up but when I do she kind of changes the subject. I don't want to pry on her emotions and I understand it is hard but she needs to communicate with ne when upset.
  4. She lives on her own but pays for her mothers bills as her brother is unemployed and has been for years living at her moms ( rent free ) and his 18y/o son does nothing to help my girlfriends mother. I went there in the summer and trimmed all her moms bushes and painted her fence and I watched as myself my gf and ber mom picked up all the debris and her brother and his son said "Looks good". I was a little upset but said nothing.
  5. Thank you. My mother says the same thing as you. I am a firefighter and the guys here say that she is too moody at times
  6. I am 43 and she is 46. She thinks she is in her early 20's sometimes and so do her friends when all I hear is about how much fun it is to go out and drink and eat. i notice that almost all of her friends live with their parents and so does a lot of her family. I think they have a different outlook on life then I do (which is fine) but I have to realize this.
  7. I did suggest seeing a couples therapist and she agreed to do so. This is not only about the loss of her father but more so as I think she is bored due to so many restriction in the city where she lives. I live in Indiana and she resides in Chicago (30 minutes away from me) and my state is open and hers is struggling to survive. She had gaken a new position at her work kast year and constantly compkains about it and I hate to say it to her but "I told you so" and tokd her be careful what you wish for especially when she was content in her previous position. She seems to only like to go out
  8. I agree. I cannot do anything about her father passing away last year. I cannot change my parenting situation and if she is bored I also cannot change this as I don't make rules in the city where she lives. I feel bad for my daughter because she really adores her.
  9. I try to call her but she won't answer. She is so clingy with her family and she only talks about drinking and going out to dinner. All of her friends and family live at home and no jobs. I don't understand how they have money to pay for anything?
  10. I try and try to make my girl happy. She lives in Chicago and has a different outlook on life I feel. I cannot afford to take her out all the time and as much as I love her I feel all alone. We have dated for almost 2 years but after the covid lockdowns she has been totally different. She is a very sweet person and very good with my daughter ( who adores her ) but she gets mad at me because of my daughters mother who I have no control of. she lost her father in Feb from cancer and she seems to get really sad at times but never really talks about him to me and I really
  11. I think so. I seem to pick women who are too opposite of myself. I need to find a woman who will understand my situation and perhaps a woman with children.
  12. Thanks. I cannot deal with her family members who all live at home and pushing 50. I think there comes a breaking point in a relationship and what each persons values in life really are. I cannot go on vacation 3 times a year as I have my daughter and also it is outrageously expensive. I don’t drink much either.
  13. Well I finally came to the conclusion that I am not going to waste more time with my gf. We had our one year anniversary yesterday and her birthday was on Sun (day prior). We had plans to go out to eat on both days but she tells me Sun her sister is throwing a birthday party for her as she turned 46. She tells me this at 5pm and stated the party started at 2pm but she was never told. I said "ok" I will drive to your sisters which is like 35 miles away and I had no idea she wanted to stay there till midnight as I left at 9:30 pm because I had to take dog out. Yesterday I woke up and w
  14. Thank you. I appreciate all of you and your advice does make me think very carefully.
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