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At what point do you say "I love you"


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I was on this site a lot a couple of years ago when my ex and I broke up. Enotalone got me through many tough days of no contact and I know I helped others to get through some tough times as well. Thanks!!


So now I have met someone I can see a future with and the relationship is advancing nicely from both sides. We share mutual respect, no game playing, great communication, and are exclusive.


What I am wondering about is if anyone has an opinion about when you should/can tell the other person "I love you". I get the feeling she would like to hear it, and I would like to say it because I do feel like I love her. I don't want to do it too soon though because we have only been seeing each other for a month. However, every single day we have talked to each other for at least 4 hours, so we are very familiar we each others past and present lives. I know this will sound strange to some, but we are both Christians and sex is not a priority for us, so neither of us has pushed for it. We both value friendship, companionship, and trust a great deal. Do you wait until you are madly in love? Until you have had the feeling for a certain amount of time? Thank you great community.

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sorry to be a debbie downer but............one month is not long enough to know someone, let alone know that you love them IMO.

EVERYONE has that feeling in the first couple of months. its a great feeling. but you need to take it slow and calm down thinking about love and future already. just enjoy getting to know her, being with her and discovering new things.

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